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Class D Tour - Caribbean Rhythms

Tour Description
Ever wanted to fly around the sunny Caribbean and see some of the world's greatest airports. Yes? Then the Caribbean tour could be the one for you. Imagine flying inbound to St.Maarten with the sun just setting and the stunning island coming into view or departing Miami with nothing but ocean and the scorching sun or even arriving Cancun with even more stunning islands on the horizon. Some of the most stunning FS scenery is there waiting for you!
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 4153.9 nm
Approx Total Duration: 12 hrs 00 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 145
Total Unique Airports: 9
Tour Aircraft
Boeing 737-700
Dash 8 Q400
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A320-214
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US Miami (KMIA) to
BS Nassau (MYNN)

FLCT01 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 1 Flight Info

BS Nassau (MYNN) to
MX Cancun (MMUN)

FLCT02 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 2 Flight Info

MX Cancun (MMUN) to
JM Kingston (MKJP)

FLCT03 - Estimated Duration 01:40

Leg 3 Flight Info

JM Kingston (MKJP) to
TT Tobago (TTCP)

FLCT04 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 4 Flight Info

TT Tobago (TTCP) to
LC Vieux Fort (TLPL)

FLCT05 - Estimated Duration 00:35

Leg 5 Flight Info

LC Vieux Fort (TLPL) to
AG Antigua (TAPA)

FLCT06 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 6 Flight Info

AG Antigua (TAPA) to
AN St Maarten (TNCM)

FLCT07 - Estimated Duration 00:30

Leg 7 Flight Info

AN St Maarten (TNCM) to
DO Punta Caucedo (MDSD)

FLCT08 - Estimated Duration 01:10

Leg 8 Flight Info

DO Punta Caucedo (MDSD) to
US Miami (KMIA)

FLCT09 - Estimated Duration 02:15

Leg 9 Flight Info




 Reza Kaihani


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