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Flying Club

The General Aviation Flying Club for Fly UK members. Take a break from airline flying and hop into a light plane or helicopter and either go solo or for more fun, join other members flying VFR online on multiplayer. You'll have a personal log-book if you wish to log your flights as you go. We hold informal VFR events, wherever FS will take us. Serious fixed-wing training is also available from one of our qualified PPL instructors.

Wed 17 Apr 2019 at 1800z Aurora Vancover Fly-in

Posted on 03 Mar 2019

To celebrate the start of the Aurora franchise a Vfr into one of the Aurora HUBS 

As this is an Aurora based event the normal weight restrictions have been removed so the DHC6-300 can be flown or any other suitable prop or Turbo Prop to maximum weight of 9500lb

please take into account the airfields on route when selecting your aircraft

Be Prepared - Important Event Information

As a courtesy to other pilots and In accordance with the Flying Club code of practice, please: Try to maintain a minimum 2nm separation, particularly on approach to, and departure from, the airfields.

Please see attached Plan-G flight plan which also includes a reference to the flight author(s) - Thanks to all those who contribute, it is very much appreciated

Vancouver fly in.plg






 David Williamson
 Jessica Bruno

FSD Sever