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2017 Fleet changes

Posted 30, Jan 2017

We like to give our members as much advance warning as possible with our fleet plans, especially as 84% of members report you mainly fly payware in our recent survey so to avoid you buying something that’s due to retire or help plan future purchases I hope this news helps.

We have some fleet changes due over the course of 2017, some of this has been previously announced but for benefit of any new members we've included everything. We also have some fleet expansion planned to enable greater frequencies on our most popular destinations and serve new routes.

Confirmed - Fleet to retire

Boeing 767 - last 767's due to retire by close of 2017

Boeing 737 - Retiring 700 variant in winter schedule change

Confirmed - New Fleet
Bombardier Q400 - Our third most popular type, we will be adding six new Q400's to the mainstream fleet for summer onwards.

Boeing 717 - Nordic currently in negotiations to purchase two used 717 for deployment on specific operational requirement routes that cannot be met by new types.

Boeing 737 - Fly 2 will lease an additional 6 737-800's for summer 2017 demand.

Boeing 777 - 6 additional 200LR models on order.

Boeing 787 - 13 787-8's currently on order to replace the remaining 767 with an option on 6 further airframes. Next batch due in Summer schedules (or earlier if Qaulitywings release confirmed)

Airbus A320 - 15 A320's ordered to replace 737-700 plus fleet growth.

Airbus A330 - Four to be leased to operate with Fly 2 for summer 2017. 6 months initially to be reviewed for possible extension into winter.

Airbus A350 - Fly UK has taken options on 8 A350-900's further to a partnership with Iris Simulations who are currently developing the type for FSX / P3D.

Aside from the confirmed changes we continue to assess the sim market place for small regional jet types to grow some of our smaller Fly UK mainstream bases such as Birmingham. Were also reviewing popularity of the JS41 type currently operated by Highland Connect as well as longer term replacement solutions for the 757-200.


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Matthew Lewis - Operations Manager
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]



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