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Bumper Fleet download update

Posted 14, Aug 2017

The fleet team have been busy over the past few weeks and bring you a number of new downloads, liveries and updates with more yet to come.

For now you can find the following in the fleet centre for immediate download


Virtualcol Dash 8 - Q400 Union Spirit
Virtualcol Dash 8 - Q400 Nordic Sky
Freeware TDS 737-800- Fly2 2017
Freeware Project Airbus A321 Virtual Cockpit version - Union Spirit
Freeware TDS 787-8 - ground handling/slew fix

FlyJsim Dash-8 Q400 - Nordic Sky
VMAX 787-8 - Union Spirit
Flightfactor 777-200LRF - Union Spirit (Cargo)
Laminar Research 737-800 - Fly2 2017

We had planned to bring these to you on the weekend until IT issues got in the way so our apologies for that. A number of projects remain ongoing including one that will be very popular for some FSX/P3D users but is proving very complex to finish.

Work has been completed by Jordan Booker and Matt Lewis


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Matthew Lewis - Operations Manager
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]



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