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Wish to join the Fly UK staff team? Roles available

Posted 11, Sep 2017

If you have ever wondered what it takes to make Fly UK tick and have a desire to take your Fly UK career to a new level? Then we have exciting opportunities for members to volunteer and join the staff team.
Fly UK is a leading international virtual airline for users of flight simulation software. Operating for over 13 years we’ve grown to become one of the most established and recognised VA’s in the simulation community. We are a not for profit organisation and our team work on a voluntary basis alongside enjoying their hobby. As we enter an exciting new chapter in flight simulation, we are looking to recruit for the following positions.
Web Developer
You will be assisting with the development and testing of the new Fly UK website. Resources are needed in both back-end and front-end development so if you have experience in some but not all of the areas below please do get in touch. 
Working alongside our existing developers, you will need to be able to work as part of a collaborative development team and join in with work planning and communication using online tools. We use Skype, Slack and Visual Studio Team Services.

Our website and systems are at the heart of our operation, servicing our 1000+ members from over 60 different countries. We receive around 150 PIREPs per day with each flight booked via our custom-built website and recorded using our ‘SkyTrack’ flight logging software.
Skills & Experience:
  • Backend - PHP development using MVC, preferably with the Laravel framework
  • Front End - CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Database development in MYSQL, ideally using the Laravel Eloquent framework
  • Source control using GIT
Desirable Criteria:
  • Bootstrap
  • VUE JS
  • Experience with project planning using Agile Methodologies
  • Laravel Backpack Admin framework

 Fly UK Training Academy Instructors

The TA instructors role is a resource of knowledge and support to the student and the Fly UK community. The instructor frequently acts as a mentor & tutor providing immediate feedback on student progress, provoking discussion and evaluating students. The instructor is most active in planning content and sequence of subject matter.

Role Requirements:
  • To regularly monitor and accept, where possible requests for training from Fly UK membership.
  • To carry out training to an acceptable standard as required by the Fly UK Training Academy.
  • Provide feedback to students either verbally, or in written form using the media provided by the Training Academy web pages.
  • Work with TA team to ensure training content is up to date and suggest revisions or additions as necessary.
Desirable Criteria:
  • Multi subject knowledge base required, to be able to cover at least ALL the BASIC courses as set out in Fly UK's TA courses. Assistance is possible to bring up to standard any minor shortfall.
  • Specialist knowledge on any aircraft specific, is an advantage but not essential.
  • You must have sufficient free time available to hold training sessions throughout the week. Ideally suited to Retired, Semi Retired, Part time and Shift workers.
  • Has an ability to structure lesson plans according to the needs of the student and can follow basic teaching EDP principles (Explain, Demonstrate & Practice)
  • Able to deal with problems and can communicate within a team environment.
  • Can demonstrate a flexible approach and at times, can accept bookings at short notice.
  • Be able to monitor and respond to the TA control panel content on a regular basis, ideally daily.
Media & Marketing Manager

Applicants will be responsible for managing and maintaining our public image. This will include producing professional graphics for our website as well as aiding with our social media accounts and content. You will also be responsible for the production and quality control of news stories and press releases.

Role Requirements:
  • Manage monthly Fly UK newsletters and work with the Skyways magazine team to produce content.
  • Support our departments with PR content and images as and when required.
  • Identify and engage with sources and opportunities to promote Fly UK externally.
  • Manage Fly UK social media pages / accounts.
  • Adherence to our Pilot / Staff Handbook and privacy policy.
Desirable Criteria:
  • Previous experience in marketing is preferable, however not required.
  • Able to demonstrate skills in graphic design suites such as Photoshop or similar.
  • Experience of creating video content.
  • Good command of the English language.

Real World Events co-ordinator

Fly UK is a successful and large on-line community however it doesn’t need to stop there. Applicants will be responsible for working with the Fly UK staff team and member community to identify, promote and manage real world events such as regional meet ups, sim events or exhibitions. This will also include identifying real world event opportunities to promote Fly UK to the wider sim community.

Role Requirements:
  • Liaise with various RW FS sim groups including those our members take part in to promote Fly UK
  • Interact with members to establish interest and plan regional events or meet-ups.
  • Work with Fly UK partners such as VFE to create and run specific member events.
  • Identify and recommend to the exec team any major sim events for Fly UK to be represented at. Plan and manage attendance and resources as required
  • Adherence to our Pilot / Staff Handbook and privacy policy.
Desirable Criteria:
  • Previous experience in planning or organising events desirable.
  • Knowledge or experience of RW sim groups or events.
  • Flexible diary to attend arranged events where possible.
  • Flexibility to travel to arranged events where able.
  • Professional, approachable and flexible manner.

If you're interested in becoming part of the staff team download our application form. Email your completed application form to staff.recruitment[at]

Application form: http://server1.flyuk...cation_Form.doc

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Staff Recruitment (CEO Team)
Email: staff.recruitment[at]



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