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Fly UK Discord Channel

Posted 12, Mar 2018

Following completion of a trial and thorough review of Discord channel use and features over the past weeks, the Fly UK team has concluded that the feature does add value to the VA and as such will give official approval.

It use is entirely optional and seen as an additional feature for the community. We had some strong views for and against on the matter which were fully considered. Needless to say  the decision has been made with detailed review and consideration in the best interests of the VA.

During the trial the forums have remained healthy and active, whilst Discord has seen positive benefits in broadening our appeal and contributed to an upturn in event attendance amongst other benefits.

The following points surrounding its introduction should be clarified.

  • Fly UK forums remain the primary platform for members discussion
  • Teamspeak remains official platform for voice communication.
  • Discord is an additional and optional tool for members seeking real time community social interaction
  • As with all Fly UK feature it remains subject to future review should we feel it no longer benefits us.


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Matthew Lewis - Operations Director
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]



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