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New Fleet now in service

Posted 01, Aug 2018

We have now welcomed our additional B787-8's as well as our first A350's to the long haul fleet for mainstream and our first B787-9's for Fly2. All these aircraft commence operation 01/08/18

With the new fleet comes a lot of changes and new routes, these include,

  •  Mainstream B787-8
    • MAN - Suspension of Orlando and Cayo Coco routes
    • MAN - New services to Atlanta and Chicago
    • LHR - Increased frequency on Bahrain, New York and Tokyo routes
    • LHR - New services to Beijing and San Diego
    • LGW - Transfer of Nassau and Grand Cayman service from LHR
    • LGW - New services to New Orleans, Nashville, Lima, Muscat and Bogota
  • Mainstream A350
    • LHR - Additional frequency on Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai
  • Fly 2 B787-9
    • LGW - Replaces A330 on Antigua, Punta Cana, Goa, Phuket Long Haul routes
    • LGW - Additional capacity on Alicante, Ibiza, Palma and Corfu routes
    • LGW - New holiday charter service to Orlando
    • MAN - Replaces A330 on Antigua, Cancun, and Barbados/St Lucia Long Haul routes
    • MAN - Additional capacity on Palma route
    • MAN - New holiday charter service to Orlando
    • New Orlando routes - Orlando service now available once per week from the following fly2 regional departure points : Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, Newcastle, Edinburgh & Glasgow

We hope our members enjoy the new routes and aircraft.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us


Matthew Lewis - Operations Director
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]



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