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Franchise News

Posted 02, Sep 2018

Topa Sky

Since we acquired the NZ based operator almost a year ago, Topa Sky has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to Philip Harris and Ezequiel Elias input as franchise managers, Topa Sky has had a very successful first year and is ready for its stage 2 expansion.

Combined with Fly UK mainstream
services and our MetroAir codeshare agreement, Topa Sky's journey is to become a significant player in the Pacific region providing global reach. Stage 2 entails establishing initial long haul operations as well as a foothold in Australia. We are therfore please to announce two East Coast Australian bases.

  • Brisbane

  • Cairns

With the next stage comes the need for rapid fleet growth and lease agreements have been signed ready for the Topa Summer schedules to go live in November. Six Dash 8 Q400's and five additional Airbus A320 will join the fleet. In addition we will introduce ten Boeing 787-9's of which half will replace the current 767-300's which will retire.

Highland Connect

Since the disposal of the troublesome Jetstream 41, Highland have been considering future fleet choices very carefully. The franchise will always remain true to its roots of small prop operations, however a 30 seat size aircraft has remained on our shopping list for some of our longer and higher capacity routes. With very few aircraft in the size range currently in production, Highland have come to an agreement with a currently undisclosed operator and will take on three Saab 340's from November.

And finally, what does the future of franchise's hold for Fly UK?

Well the ultimate aim of the VA is to provide our members with global
opportunities. Topa Sky was born from the success of Highland Connect and Nordic and we thought that would be about it. However an opportunity arose that we simply could not turn down that is currently being negotiated. We cant say much right now but our newly joined Franchise Manager Katrina Hancock is hard at work on the detail for what will be the last addition to the Fly UK portfolio for the foreseeable future and covers a part of the world we know our members will love. Watch this space for more information soon.


Matthew Lewis - Operations Director
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]

Kevin Peeters - Senior Operations Manager
E-Mail: Kevin.Peeters[at]

Ezequiel Elias - Topa Sky Franchise Operations Manager
E-Mail: Ezequiel.Elias[at]

Katrina Hancock - New Franchise Operations Manager
E-Mail: Katrina.Hancock[at]



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