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Class C Tour - A to Z

Tour Description
Fancy something a little different? Then lets work through our A-B-C's! This tour will take you around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as you fly through the Alphabet from Aberdeen to Zagreb.
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 22712 nm
Approx Total Duration: 59 hrs 10 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 42
Total Pilots In Progress: 32
Total Unique Airports: 25
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A320-214
Airbus A321-231
MetroAir Airbus A319-131
MetroAir Embraer ERJ-170LR
Boeing 757-200 FLY2
Bombardier CRJ700
Boeing 717-200 Nordic Sky
Avro RJ100 Aurora
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GB Aberdeen (EGPD) to
BE Brussels (EBBR)

FLAZ01 - Estimated Duration 01:25

Leg 1 Flight Info

BE Brussels (EBBR) to
DK Copenhagen (EKCH)

FLAZ02 - Estimated Duration 01:20

Leg 2 Flight Info

DK Copenhagen (EKCH) to
DE Dresden (EDDC)

FLAZ03 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 3 Flight Info

DE Dresden (EDDC) to
GB Exeter (EGTE)

FLAZ04 - Estimated Duration 01:35

Leg 4 Flight Info

GB Exeter (EGTE) to
IT Florence (LIRQ)

FLAZ05 - Estimated Duration 02:00

Leg 5 Flight Info

IT Florence (LIRQ) to
CH Geneva (LSGG)

FLAZ06 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 6 Flight Info

CH Geneva (LSGG) to
EG Hurghada (HEGN)

FLAZ07 - Estimated Duration 04:10

Leg 7 Flight Info

EG Hurghada (HEGN) to
TR Istanbul (LTBA)

FLAZ08 - Estimated Duration 02:20

Leg 8 Flight Info

TR Istanbul (LTBA) to
SA Jeddah (OEJN)

FLAZ09 - Estimated Duration 03:10

Leg 9 Flight Info

SA Jeddah (OEJN) to
KW Kuwait (OKBK)

FLAZ10 - Estimated Duration 01:55

Leg 10 Flight Info

KW Kuwait (OKBK) to
CY Larnaca (LCLK)

FLAZ11 - Estimated Duration 02:15

Leg 11 Flight Info

CY Larnaca (LCLK) to
ES Madrid (LEMD)

FLAZ12 - Estimated Duration 05:00

Leg 12 Flight Info

ES Madrid (LEMD) to
FR Nantes (LFRS)

FLAZ13 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 13 Flight Info

FR Nantes (LFRS) to
UA Odessa (UKOO)

FLAZ14 - Estimated Duration 03:30

Leg 14 Flight Info

UA Odessa (UKOO) to
CZ Prague (LKPR)

FLAZ15 - Estimated Duration 02:00

Leg 15 Flight Info

CZ Prague (LKPR) to
FR Quimper (LFRQ)

FLAZ16 - Estimated Duration 02:00

Leg 16 Flight Info

FR Quimper (LFRQ) to
MA Rabat (GMME)

FLAZ17 - Estimated Duration 02:30

Leg 17 Flight Info

MA Rabat (GMME) to
ES Santiago (LEST)

FLAZ18 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 18 Flight Info

ES Santiago (LEST) to
TN Tunis (DTTA)

FLAZ19 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 19 Flight Info

TN Tunis (DTTA) to
SE Umea (ESNU)

FLAZ20 - Estimated Duration 04:10

Leg 20 Flight Info

SE Umea (ESNU) to
AT Vienna (LOWW)

FLAZ21 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 21 Flight Info

AT Vienna (LOWW) to
PL Warsaw (EPWA)

FLAZ22 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 22 Flight Info

PL Warsaw (EPWA) to
GR Chania (LGSA)

FLAZ23 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 23 Flight Info

GR Chania (LGSA) to
AM Yerevan (UDYZ)

FLAZ24 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 24 Flight Info

AM Yerevan (UDYZ) to
HR Zagreb (LDZA)

FLAZ25 - Estimated Duration 03:30

Leg 25 Flight Info




 Stefano Biasiotti


 John Meinen
 Paul E LEE
 Edward Smyth
 Bernie McDermott

FSD Sever

 Philip Beswick