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Class E Tour - IVAO British Turbo Prop Tour 2016

Tour Description
Enjoy the IVAO UK & Ireland Turbo Prop Tour. Flights can be flown on or off line and can be logged with the UK & Ireland IVAO website if flown on IVAO...enjoy...
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 3370 nm
Approx Total Duration: 15 hrs 46 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 15
Total Pilots In Progress: 8
Total Unique Airports: 17
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Beechcraft B1900D
BAe Jetstream 41
Dash 8 Q400
Dornier Do228 Nordic Sky
Cessna Grand Caravan
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IM Isle Of Man (EGNS) to
GB London (EGLC)

I16TP01 - Estimated Duration 01:01

Leg 1 Flight Info

GB London (EGLC) to
DK Billund (EKBI)

I16TP02 - Estimated Duration 01:31

Leg 2 Flight Info

DK Billund (EKBI) to
NO Stavanger (ENZV)

I16TP03 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 3 Flight Info

NO Stavanger (ENZV) to
GB Aberdeen (EGPD)

I16TP04 - Estimated Duration 01:08

Leg 4 Flight Info

GB Aberdeen (EGPD) to
GB Sumburgh (EGPB)

I16TP05 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 5 Flight Info

GB Sumburgh (EGPB) to
GB Inverness (EGPE)

I16TP06 - Estimated Duration 00:51

Leg 6 Flight Info

GB Inverness (EGPE) to
GB Stornoway (EGPO)

I16TP07 - Estimated Duration 00:37

Leg 7 Flight Info

GB Stornoway (EGPO) to
GB Benbecula (EGPL)

I16TP08 - Estimated Duration 00:33

Leg 8 Flight Info

GB Benbecula (EGPL) to
GB Glasgow (EGPF)

I16TP09 - Estimated Duration 00:46

Leg 9 Flight Info

GB Glasgow (EGPF) to
IE Donegal (EIDL)

I16TP10 - Estimated Duration 00:47

Leg 10 Flight Info

IE Donegal (EIDL) to
IE Dublin (EIDW)

I16TP11 - Estimated Duration 00:43

Leg 11 Flight Info

IE Dublin (EIDW) to
GB Southampton (EGHI)

I16TP12 - Estimated Duration 01:02

Leg 12 Flight Info

GB Southampton (EGHI) to
IE Cork (EICK)

I16TP13 - Estimated Duration 01:08

Leg 13 Flight Info

IE Cork (EICK) to
JE Jersey (EGJJ)

I16TP14 - Estimated Duration 01:22

Leg 14 Flight Info

JE Jersey (EGJJ) to
GB Birmingham (EGBB)

I16TP15 - Estimated Duration 00:56

Leg 15 Flight Info

GB Birmingham (EGBB) to
GB Newcastle (EGNT)

I16TP16 - Estimated Duration 00:48

Leg 16 Flight Info

GB Newcastle (EGNT) to
IM Isle Of Man (EGNS)

I16TP17 - Estimated Duration 00:43

Leg 17 Flight Info




 Stefano Biasiotti


 John Meinen
 Edward Smyth
 Bernie McDermott

FSD Sever

 Philip Beswick