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Class D Tour - Out of Africa

Tour Description

A tour of short hops to Cape Town departing and returning to Liverpool.

Note Legs 12 and 13 FAOR was previously FAJS and may appear in FSX/P3D as FAJS - Airacs may show FAOR it is however the same airport and will be recognised by Skytrack.

Please enjoy...

Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 14900 nm
Approx Total Duration: 41 hrs 40 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 12
Total Pilots In Progress: 22
Total Unique Airports: 23
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Bombardier CRJ700
Boeing 717-200 Nordic Sky
Airbus A320-214
Boeing 737-800
Avro RJ100 Aurora
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GB Liverpool (EGGP) to
AT Innsbruck (LOWI)

TREJ101 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 1 Flight Info

AT Innsbruck (LOWI) to
HR Dubrovnik (LDDU)

TREJ102 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 2 Flight Info

HR Dubrovnik (LDDU) to
TR Dalaman (LTBS)

TREJ103 - Estimated Duration 01:40

Leg 3 Flight Info

TR Dalaman (LTBS) to
EG Cairo (HECA)

TREJ104 - Estimated Duration 01:20

Leg 4 Flight Info

EG Cairo (HECA) to
SA Jeddah (OEJN)

TREJ105 - Estimated Duration 01:55

Leg 5 Flight Info

SA Jeddah (OEJN) to
SD Khartoum (HSSS)

TREJ106 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 6 Flight Info

SD Khartoum (HSSS) to
UG Entebbe (HUEN)

TREJ107 - Estimated Duration 02:30

Leg 7 Flight Info

UG Entebbe (HUEN) to
KE Mombasa (HKMO)

TREJ108 - Estimated Duration 01:40

Leg 8 Flight Info

KE Mombasa (HKMO) to
TZ Zanzibar (HTZA)

TREJ109 - Estimated Duration 00:45

Leg 9 Flight Info

TZ Zanzibar (HTZA) to
KM Moroni (FMCH)

TREJ110 - Estimated Duration 01:10

Leg 10 Flight Info

KM Moroni (FMCH) to
MW Blantyre (FWCL)

TREJ111 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 11 Flight Info

MW Blantyre (FWCL) to
ZA Johannesburg (FAOR)

TREJ112 - Estimated Duration 02:00

Leg 12 Flight Info

ZA Johannesburg (FAOR) to
ZA Cape Town (FACT)

TREJ113 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 13 Flight Info

ZA Cape Town (FACT) to
NA Windhoek (FYWH)

TREJ14 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 14 Flight Info

NA Windhoek (FYWH) to
AO Luanda (FNLU)

TREJ115 - Estimated Duration 02:20

Leg 15 Flight Info

AO Luanda (FNLU) to
NG Abuja (DNAA)

TREJ116 - Estimated Duration 03:10

Leg 16 Flight Info

NG Abuja (DNAA) to
LR Monrovia (GLRB)

TREJ117 - Estimated Duration 02:50

Leg 17 Flight Info

LR Monrovia (GLRB) to
SN Dakar (GOOY)

TREJ18 - Estimated Duration 01:45

Leg 18 Flight Info

SN Dakar (GOOY) to
ES Tenerife (GCTS)

TREJ119 - Estimated Duration 02:10

Leg 19 Flight Info

ES Tenerife (GCTS) to
MA Marrakech (GMMX)

TREJ120 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 20 Flight Info

MA Marrakech (GMMX) to
PT Faro (LPFR)

TREJ121 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 21 Flight Info

PT Faro (LPFR) to
FR Toulouse (LFBO)

TREJ122 - Estimated Duration 01:45

Leg 22 Flight Info

FR Toulouse (LFBO) to
GB Liverpool (EGGP)

TREJ123 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 23 Flight Info




 David Williamson
 Richard Jones
 Stefano Biasiotti
 Waldo Petri
 Christopher Kirkland
 Giovanni Lorenzini


 John Meinen
 Edward Smyth
 Robert Hargreaves
 Sean Walters-Smith
 Bernie McDermott

FSD Sever