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Who's Online: IVAO Stats Added

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I am very tempted to say about time too but only because I fly IVAO and see that IVAO / VatSim are about 40 / 60 in on-line flying. I've found IVAO robust, so easy to use, and I like the world radar view that keeps me interested while in cruise mode.

The ATC is busy enough to keep me honest but I do recognise that off-line with full ATC has it's devotees too but that does seem rather artificial. I like the mix of humans and none more than full time artificial intelligence.


EDIT: No criticism of FlyUK intended. I recognised from the lead post that IVAO were not quite playing Ball. Perhaps the company will take on board that if they got mention in out blurb they might be more accommodating (as mentioned before).

Good to have those figures, thanks.

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