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  4. The most festive time of the year is almost here and with it, Fly2 are launching into our trademark festive operations. Here is a small glimpse of what our holiday franchise is offering this winter. Fly2's 757 at Innsbruck Fly2 Lapland ChartersFly2's Lapland Charters are scheduled to start on the 1st of December flying from most Fly2 UK airports to quintessentially festive destinations such as Finland's Rovaniemi. These special charters will operate throughout the month of December using the Fly2 fleet, finishing just in time for Christmas on the 24th of December.  Fly2 Ski RoutesFly2
  5. Our November Screenshot Competition, "Iconic Airports", is set to close submissions and go into voting this Monday, 23rd of November. This competition takes members to some of the most Iconic and well known airports on the planet, such as the infamous Innsbruck. To take part in the competition, submit no more than two non edited images on our "Screenshot Competition" page, located under the Community tab on our main page. More information and rules can also be found there. We look forward to seeing your stunning pictures, good luck!  IconAirports.png 1.73 MB
  6. Hi All, Our forum has been upgraded today. This was a necessity to ensure we are on the most up to date version with the latest security updates. Its a more noticeable upgrade with some UI changes (not made by us). If you encounter any issues, please let us know via the usual methods. Thanks, Chris
  7. UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

    Laravel Web Developer Wanted

    We’re looking for web developers with experience of using Laravel to assist with the Fly UK website. If you’re a web developer and have experience of using Laravel (PHP Framework), please get in touch, or if you know someone who might be interested, please share this post with them. Our website and systems are at the heart of our operation, servicing our 1000+ members from over 60 different countries. We receive around 150 PIREPs per day with each flight booked via our custom built website and recorded using our ‘SkyTrack’ flight logging software. This is a great opportunity
  8. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Double Socials this weekend

    We have two social events set for this weekend for all members who are welcome to join.  Friday brings us a Himalayan adventure on MSFS Multiplayer and Saturday the continuation of our monthly round the world tour which this time takes us to New Zealand and is available for all platforms. To view and join us on these events, visit the below event pages to book on and learn how to take part. Remember all our event flights are open to all ranks. Friday 13th November at 2000z- MSFS Multiplayer Sat 14th November at 1800z |  FSD Server Friday 13th November - MSFS Social - Lukla
  9. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Double event weekend

    Oct 31st Events Yes its that time of year again folks....Strictly Come Dancing avoidance season. It also happens to be Halloween ;) To ease us into the new season as the nights draw in, we have a double event day this Saturday for members to join and enjoy. On Saturday afternoon we join VATSIM Germany as they commemorate the last day of operations at their capital city's Berlin Tegel airport before its permanent closure that day at 23:00z. And on Saturday evening we have a Fly UK Social on our FSD server for Halloween night (no apple bobbing in the cockpit please although I'm sure the usual
  10. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    The Fly UK Blog has launched

    . The Fly UK Blog is now live, our new platform to keep you up to date and connected with the flight sim community. Older members may recall our quarterly “Skyways” magazine, a well-received publication issued four times a year, however a very time-consuming task to produce and often with news becoming outdated by the time it was completed. Sadly, the project became unsustainable however we’ve always wanted to find a way to engage with the flight simulation community in a manageable way over and above our news channels and community discussion platforms including the Forum and Discord, hence
  11. Hot on the heels of the recent livery updates for the airliners in MSFS, Fly UK's Flying Club recieves a collection of stunning paints for a variety of single and twin prop aircraft featured in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The liveries can be downloaded under the "MSFS" tab in the Flying Club downloads section. A full list of currently painted aircraft can be found below:Diamond DA40NGJMB Aircraft VL3Cessna 172SP (Both G1000 & Classic versions)Beechcraft G36Cirrus SR22Daher TBM930CubCrafters XCubCessna 152 Aerobat - MSFS Standard EditionCessna 152 Aerobat - MSFS Deluxe and Premium Edi
  12. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Winter ops on the way

    With Winter operations updates on the way at the end of the month, it’s a good time you give you a preview of some of our upcoming changes following successful ops team recruitment drive this year. Scheduling Highland & Fly UK regional As part of the new team structure, Richard Greer now assumes control of Fly UK regional service from the mainstream team. This means the Q400 and CRJ fleet based at Birmingham and Southampton. Highland Connect and Fly UK Regional will remain unchanged as far as branding goes however the schedules and planning will b
  13. The newest member of our Mainstream operations, the Airbus A320-273N “NEO”, has had finishing touches applied and is now ready for delivery! Ahead of the types scheduled introduction into Mainstream operations, pilots are now able to deliver the newest member of the Fly UK fleet from the Airbus manufacturing plant located at Hamburg Finkenwerder (EDHI) to our bases in the United Kingdom. The flights will be available until the end of this month. The flight schedule for the airframes can be found below: FL9000 – Hamburg Finkenwerder – Manchester Ringway (EDHI
  14. After 15 years simming, I myself recently took my first steps on VATSIM so can appreciate how daunting it may be to some, but it is a rewarding experience. Pressing that Push to Talk button on frequency for the fist time was the biggest hurdle, preparation is the key but with support of fellow staff and members the experience is made far easier. This is why along with an invite from VATSIM Scandinavia, we announced our Training Academy programme for members wishing to take their first steps or build confidence on their journey to online flying last week, the full PR can be found here Week o
  15. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Early Birds event is to be retired

    Following a review conducted by the Events Team, it has been decided that Fly UK’s “Early Birds” event series will unfortunately finish at the end of the month. Although the events have had good feedback from pilots, the team has decided to concentrate primarily on the more popular events, such as the Fly UK/MetroAir Social Flights. All other events currently ongoing will not change, however please see below for a brief view into the current event schedule.  Monday at 13:00z - Challenging Approaches. This event will be held on our "in-house" multiplayer network, the FSD. Tuesday at
  16. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    A Journey to Online Flying

    Journey to Online Flying.jpg 272.01 KB Have you ever wanted to try flying online on VATSIM, but need support taking the plunge into the online world? The Fly UK Training Academy is here with a new and exciting one off opportunity to help anyone wishing to take those first steps. Over a two-week period in September, Fly UK’s Training Academy, Online Events team and ATC team are here to help members start the exciting journey into online flying. A programme of events including setup, Q&A and guidance seminars will run alongside Fly UK ATC controlled events withi
  17. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Aurora gets wider

    An opportunity too good to miss has recently presented itself to our North American franchise, Aurora. Joining the already diverse fleet Aurora operate is the addition of a selection of a few Boeing 767's, leased from another operator. Four new Boeing 767 airframes will join the fleet soon, with routes for each airframe in the final stage of planning. Each leased 767 will provide new and exciting routes to the Aurora schedules which will compliment the existing fleet perfectly. Furthermore, Aurora franchise staff are looking at the possibility of purchasing and refurbishing the airframes s
  18. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK announces MSFS Support

    A new era of flight simulation has arrived and Fly UK is proud to announce that we now officially support Microsoft Flight Simulator. We welcome all new and current members to use the platform for their Fly UK adventures as they discover the new virtual world. MSFS A320 NEO SkyTrack: A new version of our tracking software, SkyTrack (v1.9) has been released with support for the hotly anticipated 2020 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). SkyTrack relies on the installation of a library known as “SimConnect”. Members who would like to use the 2020 release of Microsoft Fligh
  19. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Saturday Pop up Social Flight

    . All members are welcome to join us for a pop-up social event this Saturday afternoon to Genoa Italy. Regardless of whether you are a regular or new member interested in group flights with other Fly UK pilots, this is a great opportunity to join in. The event is rank restriction free and any of the Fly UK fleet can be flown. Link to the event detail and to book on can be found here along with info links and guides on how to join in.
  20. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Out with the old, in with the Neo

    hmda0f9ejgt41.png 408.57 KB Our mainstream fleet is the workhorse of Fly UK with some of our 737's and A320's accumulating hours well beyond any other type in the fleet. An opportunity to pick up a deferred order of delivery ready brand new A320 NEO's has presented itself, so Fly UK has seized the chance for a part fleet refresh. Ten new air frames will join the fleet towards the end of the month and will replace some of our older current engine option A320 air frames on Fly UK domestic and European routes. The A320 NEO will have dedicated routes within our schedules but will also for
  21. Due on the 1st of August 2020, a new version of our popular "UK2000 Scenery" sponsored screenshot competition will go live after months of hard work behind the scenes by Fly UK staff.  The biggest change members will note with the new version is that the event itself is now located on our main page, underneath the "Community" Tab (the same place members access our forums, Teamspeak and Discord servers from). From this page, members will be able to upload no more than two images into the currently active competition as well as being able to see other submitted images from others. Once vo
  22. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint RTW event part four!

    RTWTour.jpeg 245.37 KB Continuing on from our previous destination at Kai Tak, we will once again be joining our code-share partners at MetroAir for a small detour from the iconic Kai Tak airport to Skytrax's 2019 "Best Rated Airport", Changi Airport in Singapore (WSSS).  This leg, leg 5, will take place on the Saturday, 8th of August 2020, with the main group scheduled to depart Kai Tak at 1700z. As with the previous legs on this tour, we will be using our Teamspeak server to communicate with other pilots and our FSD network for the event. All current Fly UK and MetroAir pilots are mor
  23. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK / MetroAir RTW Event: Destination Vote

    RTWTour.jpeg 245.37 KB Continuing on our RTW tour with our friends and partners at MetroAir, we will be departing from Kai Tak to one of four possible destinations on the 8th of August. The options for our destination are below, with the poll itself being on the forums (also linked below) SingaporeJakartaBaliGuam Poll can be found here
  24. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Microsoft Flight Simulator support

    msfs-release-artwork.jpg 477.99 KB Following the exiting news of the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator coming in just over a month, we just wanted to brief members on the Fly UK position as we have already received a number of member questions about how we are planning to support it. The staff team are looking forward to welcoming its support here at Fly UK however we just need to be mindful of expectations, currently we are unfortunately not in a position to confirm usage from day one of release. Whilst I appreciate many of us are itching to get our hands on the title, I'd just like to
  25. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    New ops team staff

    Following our recent recruitment post to join the operations team the We have concluded our recruitment, albeit over a slight lengthen time scale than planned due to real world influences. The applications were once again strong and i'd like to thank all that applied. Fly UK staff now welcomes the following new staff members. UKV3055 Seb Noblett UKV1578 Bjornar Nilsen Furuvold UKV3496 Matt Marshal Seb and Matt join the ops team with focus on Fly UK mainstream. Seb brings a clear passion for detailed planning, operations with a real world operatio
  26. Fleet Centre layout/platforms Our web team recently made some improvements to out Fleet Centre system and we have now completed updating our download links to match. Downloads are now distinctly labelled for their compatibility across platforms to make it easier for members to identify the correct download they require. Listings can now be found for the following supported platforms. FSX / P3Dv3 P3Dv4 P3Dv5 XPlane We have retained for now the Legacy tab for current aircraft on older non supported sims such as FS2004 and XP10, where Fly UK releases wer
  27. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event part four!

    Continuing on our "Round the World" social event with our code-share partners at Metro, we're continuing from the coastal airport of Phuket to the legendary Hong Kong Kai Tak airport.  Leg four will take place on Saturday the 11th July, with the main group scheduled to depart at 18:00z. As with the previous events, we will be using our Teamspeak server for communications and our FSD server for online flying. All current pilots are welcome to join us for this fantastic event!  The events page for this event can be found here.The FSD guide can be found here.Our Teamspeak c
  28. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event part three!

    RTWPL3.jpg 628.28 KB Continuing with our fantastic partners at MetroAir virtual, we're continuing our main social event from where we landed last, Baku! The third leg will take us from the extremely scenic city of Baku, to Phuket, a lovely coastal airport in Thailand. The event will take place on Saturday the 13th June, with the main group scheduled to depart between 14:30z and 15:00z (15:30BST, 10:30EST and 07:30PST). As with the last two events, we will communicate via our Teamspeak Server and the event will be flown on our FSD server. Links for help guides can be found below.
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