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  4. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    New Year, New Fleet

    Fly UK wishes all its members a Happy New Year. . As 2021 enters final approach to 2022, we'd thought we would give you a flavour to some of our forthcoming fleet changes and additions. After a mostly static year on fleet, we aim to offer more choice with some renewals and accommodate our rapidly expanding MSFS user base whilst continuing to provide for members operating P3D and XP11. Fleet RenewalMuch of our fleet has operated for many "virtually" years now and is approaching the point of retirement. Some of our 737's for example have been with us since the VA launched. A large part of our fleet strategy for 2022 will see partial phased renewals in the following types. New Airbus A320 and A321 NEO - Mainstream (replacing CEO)New ATR72-600 - Highland Connect & Topa Sky (replacing ATR-500)New Boeing 737-8 MAX - Fly 2 (Replacing B738)Leased Boeing 777-200ER - Mainstream (Replacing B77L) All of the above will join in the same cabin configurations as the older types similar to the arrangement we have set up with the current A320 CEO/NEO fleet today. As such after introduction they can be operated alongside the types they replace and interchange on routes. Other Fleet intentionsWe do have some other plans in place which remain top secret for now but one we can confirm as teased a few months ago is intention to introduce A220 to mainstream operations. We are awaiting aircraft products to evolve and release before we can commit to  timescales on this so at this stage it's confirmation of our intention but with no firm date.  To head off the elephant in the room (almost literally), we can confirm we have no plans to introduce the A380 as has always been the VA stance. Whilst we appreciate that may disappoint some with the MSFS FBW A380 in development, other sim platforms have no A380 product line available. Additionally our long haul fleet is already very varied and well catered for by the 747's for this level of capacity and the A380 remains a challenged aircraft in the real world in terms of popularity.   We hope that gives members something to look forward to in the new year and hope you enjoy your time with Fly UK into 2022.
  5. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Merry Christmas from the Fly UK team

    As we look forward to the festive period, the Fly UK team and I wish all members a Merry Christmas in whatever shape or manner that may look like to you all. 2021 has perhaps not been as hard as the year before but we find ourselves still in an uncertain world. Fly UK has always been about community and to many an escape from the real world which has given many of us a rough ride recently. Thank you to all the members and staff that have contributed to this community during these difficult real world times. For Fly UK, it has been a solid year for the VA. As the world unlocked and many of us returned to the workplace, hours and PIREPs have followed the associated pattern however we continue to see strong growth with new and returning members to the VA and the flight sim hobby compared to pre pandemic. We've seen a major rework of our members website experience with an all new crew centre and resource/training section. We've also done a lot of work in the background this year to further improve the solid website dev work set out in recent years. As we look forward to the new year, there is still much we want to do with a big operations project on the agenda for 2021 amongst other things. MSFS continues to be a major driving factor in VA growth with lots of exciting products to come to expand members' choice. The sim community may be divided over its preferred platform choice but here at Fly UK we are proud to support all of the major titles and embrace the changes and forward progression in the sim industry which has really taken deep roots for even more growth in 2021. But that's all for the future, for now I thank you all for being part of Fly UK and hope you continue to enjoy your virtual flying with us. However you choose or are able to celebrate the next few weeks, on behalf of the whole staff team I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and sure we all join together in looking forward to continued hope and optimism in 2022. Look after yourselves and stay safe! Regards Matt
  6. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK's 2021 Christmas Season

    Boeing boys have had the winter Fly2 livery for ages so Bah Humbug
  7. UKV3055 - Seb Noblett

    Fly UK's 2021 Christmas Season

    *Cries in Boeing*
  8. UKV3428 - Matt Crick

    Fly UK's 2021 Christmas Season

    As a small addendum to this press release, the special edition Christmas livery is now available in Fleet Centre for the FSL A320 SL (P3Dv4 and v5) We hope that you enjoy
  9. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK's 2021 Christmas Season

    December is upon us once again, bringing a welcome festive spirit to the end of the year. As we run down towards the end of 2021, Fly UK has launched our traditional festive offerings for December. Here is a list of what pilots can expect throughout December. Our new Christmas Livery for the A320 NEO. Lapland Charter FlightsAs is tradition, Fly UK and Fly2 have now started our Christmas charter flights to Lapland. Flying to Rovaniemi (EFRO), Ivalo (EFIV), Oulu (EFOU) and Kittila (EFKT) from a selection of UK airports. These charter flights will be operating from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve on the 24th of December.  Fly UK 2021 “Christmas Adventure” TourThis years Christmas Tour is a Class E tour that visits a selection of destinations spelling C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. As is traditional for our Christmas Tours, this tour is open to all ranks and all Fly UK airframes. More information about this tour can be found here. Flying Club Christmas TourFly UK’s Flying Club have launched their Christmas 2021 Tour, taking pilots on a scenic tour from Shoreham to Rovaniemi. More information on this tour can be found here. Christmas Markets Saturday Social – 11th December at 1430zA dusk arrival at Salzburg awaits members in this Saturday Social flight on our FSD Server. Starting at London Heathrow at 1430z on the 11th of December, this short social flight ends at Salzburg just in time for sunset. This is an open event with no ATC planned. More information on this event can be found here. Christmas Social to Lapland – 18th December at 1330zFly UK’s annual Christmas social flight to Lapland is back! Departing Leeds Bradford at 13:30z, pilots are invited to enjoy a Saturday afternoon relaxing group flight to Rovaniemi on our FSD server. This is a social event with no ATC planned, so join us on Teamspeak for a fun group flight and an Xmas themed quiz! More information on this social flight can be found here. December’s Featured Destination – Kitilla December’s featured destination takes full advantage of the planned Lapland charters, taking pilots to the Finnish airport of Kittila. Both Fly UK Mainstream and Fly2 operate Lapland Charter flights to this popular holiday airport with our Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 ‘NEO’ aircraft. Rank Free Period – 20th December 2021 to the 2nd of January 2022In order to fully celebrate the festive period, our usual rank restrictions have been lifted. On the 20th of December, the rank restrictions will be lifted which will allow pilots to fly any Fly UK aircraft on any Fly UK route, regardless of rank or aircraft type. The lift to the restrictions will end on the 2nd of January 2022 at 2359z.  FlyByWire A20N Christmas Special LiveryTo celebrate this festive period, we have made a special Christmas themed livery for the standalone FlyByWire A20N. This livery is now available on the Fleet Centre to download. 
  10. UKV1325 - Jason Beaumont

    Update to Forum Signatures

    Hi all, In order to maintain correct details on forum signatures in the event a new member receives a previous member's UKV number and that previous member has not removed their Fly UK signature from another forum, we are changing the way they work. Currently the URL for your signature contains your UKV number and this will still work for the time being. However, the new URL will use an ID number unique to you as an individual rather than your UKV number. Therefore could I please ask that all members update their signature URLs, wherever used, to the one which is now available by clicking on the 'Get Code' button for Pilot Signatures in your Crew Page. All signatures using either URL will continue to work until 31 December 2021. After which any signatures which have not been updated as described above will cease to function. Thank you,
  11. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Team changes

    . Our members are what makes Fly UK the success story that it is but it would not exist without the engine room that is Fly UK's staff team. A number of changes and a recruitment drive have now concluded which result in the following changes Human Resources Regrettably Allan Hook recently decided to retire from the VA after a long period of service. Although Allan stopped simming some time ago, he continued to support the team and community for a long period beyond, which we are hugely grateful for. Allan however decided recently to pursue other interests in his retirement so has handed over the reins.    As result, the HR function now falls to the senior team, albeit it many of the core processes now handled automatically by the new website and background systems. Member HR support now falls to the Community support team with Matt Crick picking up oversight of Hr related items such as leave requests, queries and membership issues.    Training Team With the launch of the updated training and resource centre, the team's focus switched to creating engaging regular content for it members to expand knowledge and abilities. To support Ross Elliot in this, Stuart Hyett and John Wheat join the staff team in Training Support roles and will work to achieve this goal.    Additionally we welcome a number of people to the Training Captain team, this is a non-staff group of highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will support the training team and members in advancing knowledge on particular subject or aircraft specific matters. We welcome Matt King to this group and we are still speaking to other candidates to expand the team.    Operations Team The ops team has had a re-shuffle for future projects. Firstly, Seb Noblett is promoted to Senior Ops manager and will lead planning and development. Our franchise managers whilst they remain in charge of their franchise divisions are now rebranded to Operations managers with the intention of the group working as a whole towards positive developments instead of in silo for their franchise areas. Joining the team in an ops support role we welcome Martyn Pearson who will be the eyes and ears of the ops team to ensuring accuracy and minimise issues as we progress in our aims and ambitions.    Community Support We continue to be in contact with candidates for the Community support Manager role, we hope to confirm that position in the near future. The biggest change for this team is handing over the process of PIREP management to the new automated systems and the Operations teams, allowing full focus on supporting and engaging with the Fly UK community.    ATC Team Headed up by Philip Beswick, we welcome new members to our non-staff ATC team. The team’s aim is to learn along with our flying members and they group remains open to new members at any time. Andy Hasty, Ioannis Gaitaneris, Gareth Robinson-Jones and David Bartley join the team. The team aim to bring ATC to a regular Saturday monthly event on our FSD server.    We welcome all the new joiners to our teams and the positive impact they can bring for our membership.
  12. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Online Flying Introduction event scheduled

    With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator last year, more people have joined the Flight Simulation community and have discovered the world of online flying. Online flying can be confusing and potentially daunting, so Fly UK has created a new event series to help our members understand and take part in the world of online flying! Our new event series, starting on Saturday the 16th of October, will have ATC positions open at our departure airport (EGHH - Bournemouth) and our arrival airport (EGPH - Edinburgh), with our training staff on hand to answer any questions about the world of online flying. All current Fly UK members are welcome in this event, regardless of online flying experience. The event will start at 18:00z on Saturday the 16th of October, with the flight taking place on our FSD online flying server. More information about this event can be found on our events page, located here.  
  13. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Join the Fly UK team!

    Fly UK is recruiting! We have a number of roles to fill on our permanent staff team as well as recognised contributor roles in specific areas. If you would like to be involved and support the team and members progress the VA in the future, browse the role descriptions on offer below and visit the application link at the bottom of the page. Permanent staff rolesThese are fully fledge permanent staff roles within the Fly UK team. Community Manager(s) We are looking for Community managers to support members across all Fly UK community platforms by helping and guiding on Fly UK membership questions, enquiries and topics. Ideal candidate should have in depth knowledge of Fly UK to be able to support member issues and be active across all our communication streams. A high level of general sim knowledge to be able to support members in non-Fly UK specific matters is advantageous. The role will be part of our VA Support services team.  Role responsibilities include: Managing and supporting member questions across Forums, Discord, Staff email, contact forms.Monitoring non-member questions across social media platforms, Website contact formsModeration Forums and Discord channelsSupporting new members in joining and getting started with Fly UK.Supporting in other VA Support services roles where required by department head including but not limited to HR, Marketing and other member experience improvement projects.   Operations Support & Fleet Administrator Following an operations team re-shuffle, we have an opportunity to join the team in an operations support role to support our essential back-end process as well as work with the team in new projects. The role is essential for ensuring our PIREP process is accurate and up to date, operations data including fleet, airport, route and download links are up to date. The role will also play critical part in supporting the operations managers in checking and testing schedule ahead of seasonal changes. An eye for detail and enjoying getting into and processing data is essential for this position as well as familiarity with operations, aircraft, routes and simulator add-ons development across sim platforms. The role will be part of our VA Operations team.  Role responsibilities include: Daily checking of the PIREP approval system.Ensure accuracy of airport data, chart links, download links and adding new products as releasedSupporting ops managers on airframe utilisation, fleet data accuracy.Co-ordinating data compilation and testing of schedules across the VA at seasonal changes or other major update, supporting to fix errors as and where required.Supporting any member route queries.   Resource/Training support Following our refresh of the training Academy to our new Fly UK Pilot Resource & Development Centre, we are looking for staff to support the team and members by contributing to our developing portfolio of guides, documents and resources. Working closely with the department head, the role will identify topics and themes to cover and produce resources to support members learning and development across aircraft, airport and flying operations topics. Experience in producing concise training guides and imagery is essential. Video content creation experience is highly advantageous but not critical.  The role will be part of our VA Development and Events Team.  Role responsibilities include: Observing member questions across Fly UK community platforms for common questions and development opportunities. Provide response where able as well as noting themes for future content.Creating training/development resource document and blog content.Supporting reviewing and updating Fly UK resource content such as checklists and other pilot tools.   Fleet Painter - X-Plane We are recruiting for the role of X-Plane fleet painter. Fly UK prides itself on high quality fleet liveries for its members use so this position is key to maintaining our corporate image and quality on the XP platform. Evidence of past high quality livery work will be essential as well as an accurate eye for detail. The ideal candidate will be someone committed to the XP platforms with access to and/or will to invest in new fleet products as they come to the platform.   Experience in other platforms will be advantageous but X-plane is the specific requirement as well as commitment to future X-Plane versions. The role will be part of our VA Support services Team.  Recognised Contributor rolesFly UK have a number of non-staff roles for project groups or support teams. These are ideal for members wishing to support the VA’s members by providing services and/or improvements without the requirements of full-time staff duties. We are interested to hear from any members with interest in the following areas ATC Team Ideal for any member looking to learn ATC roles and support on Fly UK events or training/familiarity sessions for members getting started on flying online. We are interested to hear from members with current or past control experience as well as any looking to learn. Aircraft experts – Training Captains Do you have in-depth knowledge of a specific aircraft and willing to share and support members learn detailed study level systems and operations. We are looking for members willing to step up to help and guide other members progress in their chosen aircraft and product. Although a non-staff role, you will work alongside the Fly UK VA Development and Events Team as a guide and resource of knowledge, assisting with member resource development where able. Video content creators We are looking for members with video content creation skills to assist the VA update and refresh marketing videos trailers and produce new content. If interesting in helping the VA, contact us with an example video. To apply for any of these opportunity, please complete our application form here
  14. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Social Meet Up events confirmed

    Please note the Sywell event is now 25th September
  15. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Social Meet Up events confirmed

    Following our last PR post (here), were are pleased to confirm dates set for real world meet up events as follows below. All Fly uK members are welcome and please visit the linked foreum threads to take part in the planning & discussion Of course all these events will subject to any unforeseen Covid restrictions and we will recommend any attendees still comply with social guidance at the time of the event to respect other members who may wish to attend but are still cautious. Sywell Classic - Saturday 25th September Website & Tickets here Forum post / discussion here Manchester Airport Pub - Saturday October 2nd Forum post / discussion here A23-1.jpg 50.29 KB
  16. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK Social Meet Up

    With Covid restrictions being eased, Fly UK is planning on hosting a members meet-up social event at Sywell Classic and a pub meet at Manchester Airport. Sywell Classic is a two day event scheduled to take place on the 25th and 26th of September, whilst the pub meet at Manchester airport will take place either on the 21st of August, 4th of September or the 2nd of October, depending on member availability. If any member is interested in these social events, an expression of interest form can be found at the following link:  https://forms.gle/6ypNdRGZPRcobtSdA
  17. The new Pilot Resource & Development Centre (PRDC) is now live, the new home for Fly UK resources, training and featured media content from our partnership with British Avgeek. The aim of the PRDC is to provide training, help and support to all Fly UK members in as many areas as possible, no matter what your ability might be.  What will the PRDC contain? The PRDC will be regularly updated with new material from our training staff and partnership with British Avgeek. A selection of what is currently present include: Common/Featured Topics – A selection of commonly viewed and featured topics written by our training staff. These cover a wide selection of topics, such as explaining how to fly the difficult approach into Innsbruck. Resource & Guide Centre – Our document library, containing useful resources and guides, such as Airport Briefings, Training Documents and other guides.Featured Media Content – A selection of featured training videos and media content from our partnership with streamer British Avgeek. The PRDC can be found under the Crew Centre tab on the main page, under “Resources & Development”. We hope Fly UK members enjoy this overhaul. We would also like to thank Ross and the Web Team who made the overhaul possible.
  18. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Next Arrival - Expected 20:22

    Something small is coming................. ????
  19. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly2s 2021 Summer Holiday Season starts

    Our holiday charter franchise, Fly2, has switched to the 2021 summer schedules as of the 1st of May.  Throughout the summer period, Fly2 will operate scheduled flights to popular summer destinations throughout Europe with services returning to Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean Islands. These summertime favourite flights will be served by Fly2's fleet of Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Boeing 787 aircraft. Fly2 will also operate a large variety of long haul flights to overseas holiday destinations with Fly2s new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, flying to picturesque destinations such as Punta Cana, Montego Bay and newly added Kilimanjaro. Fly2 737 landing in the United Kingdom.
  20. UKV1510 - Ron Kurz

    Fly UK Subscription

    Shucks! I really wanted that cuddly toy !
  21. UKV1325 - Jason Beaumont

    Fly UK Subscription

  22. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Subscription

    Members who logged into our website this morning were greeted by the genius of our evil web dev team..and it seems a good few of you were fooled. Circumstances in 2020 didn't seem right to be landing our usual April 1st foolery on our members and whilst 2021 is still not better for some...its time to have a positive outlook on life and crack a smile once and again. Of course a years gap meant something special had to be conjured up ;) For those that missed it, users accessing the site before midday were greeted by this screen April 1st login Clicking on any of the options took you here, so if you stomped off in a rage...we got you good!  ;) . Of course Fly UK has always and will continue to be freely accessible to all however we hope you enjoyed our bit of fun, sadly we are all out of cuddley toys so please stop sending in the requests. The repaint team can also calm down on trying to figure out how to provide repaints before commercial release :D
  23. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Summer Operations Begin

    Spring is upon us, bringing warmer temperatures, later sunsets and Fly UK’s Summer Schedules for 2021, due to go live at 23:59z on the 31st of March. Here is a selection of highlights from our franchises. G-FLAA at London Gatwick Fly2Fly2’s Summer Schedules will come into effect in May; however Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft will take over from Fly2’s current Boeing 787-9 fleet from the 1st of April.  CodeshareImprovements have been made to our codeshare hub networks in order to give better and more appealing options for travelling across the USA, as well as better links with Mainstream and Aurora operations.  Nordic SkyAs Rovaniemi (EFRO) is an off-season destination, flights to the famous Lapland airport have been reduced.  Iceland Domestic flights have been added to the Nordic Sky schedules, with a new base in Keflavik. AuroraDue to demand, more flights with Aurora’s 767 have been added. Aurora will now link with Nordic Sky in Keflavik.Flights to Manchester (EGCC) have been added. These flights will be flown in the Boeing 767-300ER and will be available every weekend. Topa SkyTopa Sky have reopened bases in Sydney and Melbourne for the summer season, allowing further connectivity throughout the Topa Sky network. New Caravan destinations have been added throughout both the North and South Islands to cater for the smaller townships in the area.New Long-Haul destinations have been added from Auckland and Sydney.  MainstreamMainstream operations will take hold and operate the current Fly2 787-9 fleet, further expanding the current B789 fleet within the franchise. LHR - Destinations at London Heathrow remain mostly the same but the airframes operating from Heathrow have been swapped up slightly in order to freshen up a selection of destinations and routes for members. LHR - Heathrow has a selection of new Long-Haul routes, utilizing the new B789’s from Fly2. Cape Town will now be served by the Boeing 777-200LR, Dubai will be served by the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner while Atlanta and Baku will be served by the Airbus A350.LHR – Helsinki and Madrid have been added as Short Haul destinations for the Boeing 787-9 and A350 respectively. LGW – London Gatwick gets a selection of new destinations for the summer season, with Asturias, Olbia, Skopje being served by our Short Haul fleet while Quito, Jeddah, Mahé and Port Louis have been added as Long-Haul destinations. MAN – Manchester sees the addition of a Boeing 737-800 service from Dublin and an Airbus A320 “NEO” service to Trondheim. New Long-Haul destinations have been added, with Boeing 787-9 airframes flying to Denver, Nashville, Dhaka and Islamabad. EDI – Edinburgh also gets Asturias and Olbia as summer destinations. Flights to Paris and Rome will switch to Paris Orly and Rome Ciampino “G.B. Pastine” respectively, with Tromso added as a new Short-Haul destination. New Long-Haul destinations at Edinburgh include Washington, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and Doha in the new B789 aircraft. BHX – Birmingham now sees one CRJ airframe working as an offshore worker link from Amsterdam Schiphol to the UK. Lyon and Paris Orly have also been added as Short-Haul destinations for the CRJ. SOU – Southampton will see new flights to Porto and Valencia on the CRJ.  We hope our members enjoy the changes brought with the Summer Schedules!
  24. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK Staff Position Changes

    We would like to announce some changes within the Fly UK Staff Team that has taken place over the previous few weeks.  Firstly, Ron and Ross have switched roles within the Training Academy and Events team. Due to work commitments, Ron's time for Fly UK has sadly become limited, however he remains in the staff team as TA staff. As a result, Ross Elliot has taken over as head of the department. Secondly, on the events team, we welcome Sean Walters-Smith. As well as real world ATC knowledge, Sean will support organising our events schedule as we focus more time within the TA on new projects and programmes.  Finally, in operations, Katrina has stepped back from her role due to real world commitments. Kat has made a huge impact on our franchises in recent years, shaping them into the extremely popular franchises we have today. For now, the operations team will report directly to the CEO with some minor changes as follows. Seb Noblett will assume responsibility for all mainstream operation bases from Class D upwards. Class E regional operations will be covered by Richard Greer, alongside the Highland Connect franchise. This is intended to give a more integrated approach to UK Domestic and Regional operations. Vice Chairman Adam Hillier will take responsibility for Topa Sky operations. As always, a massive thank you to the Fly UK staff both past and present for their contributions to the Fly UK Community. 
  25. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    MSFS Livery updates

    After some months battling with poor mapping, we are finally able to release the Boeing 747-8i livery pack in interim form for MSFS. Some of the normal livery features remain an issue such as the main title so this has been worked around for now as an interim release. Additionally the A320 Neo Fly UK Crystal has been upgraded to v2 and 4K textures. As one of the earlier liveries completed, some panel gap issues existed and a greater  understanding of MSFS painting is now known. As result this has been overhauled. Baked in registration has been removed however at the present point in time its not possible to alter the black text added by the sim despite being in the file options, hopefully that will be addressed in a future Asobo fix. Finally....yes the coffee cup that's gripped the MSFS community is now available. We've gone further however with a Fly UK makeover and the dev version of the A32NX mod with more Fly UK branding and a number of Easter eggs for you to find and enjoy ;) Download the A32NX Fly By Wire - UKV Cockpit Environment via Misc Downloads
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