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  4. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Light up London ATC Training Event

    A new event being trialed, "Light up London" is an ATC training event in which all members are welcome to join, regardless of online skill! Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the online ATC environment or a new pilot looking to learn and understand how to communicate on the online ATC environment, everyone is welcome. The event will take place TODAY, Monday 18th May, at 1800z on our FSD network. A seminar will also take place, in which we will discuss what procedures need to be followed, how being an Air Traffic Controller works and how to communicate for both pilots and controllers. Staff will be on hand to help with any question you might have. Confirm attendance here (simply let us know in the forum post). Pilots should fly any Fly UK scheduled service, in order for Skytrack to record the flight. Just book and scheduled flight into, or out of, the London Control Area.
  5. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK / MetroAir social leg 2 details confirmed

    Baku is the destination chosen by members in the voting for leg two of our joint Fly UK / MetroAir social flights, next up on 23rd May. All current Fly UK and MetroAir pilots are welcome to join us on our FSD network for this second leg as we continue London Heathrow (EGLL). The main group is set to depart from at 15:00z and 15:30z, in order to accommodate as many pilots as possible from Europe, UK and US. If this second event is as entertaining as the first then it will be a great flight, and yes a quiz will feature A full briefing for anyone joining the event as well as guides for those new to our social events can be found here.
  6. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Cargo schedule and fleet changes ahead

    New schedules will go live for our Cargo division on June 1st with some route expansion and additional fleet as demand for Cargo increases. The re-worked schedules move to a point to point system from the hub and spoke of the past. This will give many more multi leg options reflecting real world cargo ops as well as expanding operational choice. Both the narrow-body and heavy cargo fleet get a wider mix of routes throughout Europe and Worldwide, including for the first time transatlantic ops for the 757. South American and African multi leg also routes return. With the increase in services the Cargo fleet will need extra aircraft. Two 777 and two 747-400's will transfer from our passenger division as freight conversions. We have also leased two additional 747-8f. To back fill the older fleet transitioning to Cargo, we have agreed terms to purchase four Boeing 747-8i which have become surplus from a European operator. Ad-hoc movement flights for these fleet transfers and conversions will be available from 00:00z 18/05.
  7. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event part2!

    Its a tie.... 24 hour snap poll for the two top choices, vote via below link http://www.strawpoll.me/20069742
  8. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Lockdown challange

    Dear all, please note that if you are doing this challenge, please only submit the form upon completion. Ive removed one response already for flights completed in the future, not sure who as they didn't enter UKV ID which I've changed to a mandatory question.
  9. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Lockdown challange

    Hopefully we are moving closer to the end of various lock downs that our members are experience worldwide, when the time is right naturally. In the meantime here is a unique challenge and achievement for you all to try and obtain. Day in the life - Fly UK Mainstream Short Haul operations The challenge, select and operate any daily schedule for a mainstream Fly UK short haul aircraft, operate a minimum of four consecutive sectors mirroring the published timetable. To search for a specific aircraft's daily flight schedule use the flight search tool and filter by registration. A full list of fleet registrations can also be found in the Fleet Center. Be sure to scan though all the fleet to find a schedule that you like...there is plenty to choose from Challenge guidelines Flights must be operated on the same day with your selected air frame and registration. You can operate the flights at any real world time but Sim time should be set to reflect scheduled zulu time. Pausing for real life / sanity breaks is acceptable. Fly UK Mainstream fleet in classes C/D & E applicable for this challenge (No Fly 2 or Franchise) Minimum sectors for challenge required is four to reflect a normal pilots day but you may go up to a maximum of six if you really want a test. Record your progress and and submit on completion of challenge via this form , this will be reviewed against PIREP's for achievement award. The challenge is open until June 28th. Good luck and be sure to share you progress with the community
  10. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Operations Staff vacancies

    Our staff team is filled with a varied selection of talented volunteers made up from our dedicated members. Currently, we are looking for additional staff to manage some of our franchises. If you have a head for airline operations, wondered what it takes to make Fly UK tick and have a desire to take your Fly UK career to a new level, then this is your opportunity. Fly UK is a leading international virtual airline for users of flight simulation software. Operating for over 15 years we’ve grown to become one of the most established and recognized VA’s in the simulation community. We are a not for profit organisation and our team work on a voluntary basis alongside enjoying their hobby. As we enter an exciting new chapter in the VA, we are looking to recruit for the following operations. There will be opportunity on application form to register the areas of interest to you. Available Roles Mainstream Fly UK Nordic Sky Topa Sky Working with and reporting to the Head of Operations, the roles have the following responsibilities Role Requirements: Review and manage schedules to represent realistic real-world operations. Maximize fleet utilization. Manage twice yearly update in seasonal schedules. Explore and review route network, working with ops team to suggest improvements, changes or expansion. Ongoing assessment of fleet and route needs, discussing and requesting needs and changes in line with Fly UK policy with senior team. Monitor and respond to community feedback on operations for responsible division. Desirable Criteria: Strong understanding and knowledge of real world airline operations. Ability to plan and manage complex scheduling and fleet utilization Pro Active Fly UK member. Experience and knowledge of working with MS Excel or similar. Route planning and route validation skills Ability to work both as part of the operations team, Fly UK staff team and as an individual If you're interested in becoming part of the staff team in one or more of the above areas then please complete our application form here --- ENDS --- For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via human.resources [at] flyuk.aero
  11. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event part2!

    Following on from our successful and hugely entertaining joint "Cross the Pond" social event with our MetroAir colleagues, we've decided to extend the initial CTP concept and will now carry on eastbound round the world back to KBOS in several long haul events over the course of the year. Next up will be leg two to be hosted 23rd May. Departure will be from London Heathrow with the destination open to vote by members from a pre-selected list. The leg two options are as follows and can be voted for via the forum. Baku (UBBB) Kuwait (OKBK) Dubai (OMDB) Tel Aviv (LLBG) All current Fly UK and MetroAir pilots are welcome to join us on our FSD network for the event. Exact departure timings to be confirmed subject to destination confirmation but expect mid to late afternoon for UK, late morning EST and early morning PST. For those not wishing, or unable, to fly the full flight, a shorter options for departure or arrival will be available. Members can fly any Fly UK mainstream and MetroAir codeshare aircraft. FSD setup help can be found here
  12. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly2 Summer Holiday Season starts here

    May arrives and with it the start of European summer holiday season, virtually at least. As Fly UK continues to commit to providing a slice of normality in strange times, we continue with our planned schedule switch for Fly2 on our busy summer holiday charter schedule. In this virus free virtual world we operate, all the usual summertime favorites can be found throughout the Mediterranean and Greek Islands as well as increased services to Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. Of course Fly2 Long haul holiday services to far away holiday spots are still there year round. We hope our members enjoy this change of scene, happy flying.
  13. UKV2161 - Philip Beswick

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event

    This event is really quite exciting me an am looking forward to it! If ATC is wanted at either end, please let me know. Philip
  14. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK / MetroAir joint event

    A first for Fly UK and our code-share partner, MetroAir Virtual Airlines, we will be hosting a "Cross the Pond" social event on the 25th April 2020! All current Fly UK and MetroAir pilots are welcome to join us on our FSD network for a long haul "CTP" flight from America's Boston Logan (KBOS) to England's London Heathrow (EGLL). The main group is set to depart from Boston at 14:30z and 15:00z, in order to accommodate as many pilots as possible. For those not wishing, or unable, to fly the full flight, a shorter Boston to St Johns leg is available. Members can fly any Fly UK mainstream and MetroAir codeshare aircraft. FSD setup help can be found here Event information can be found here
  15. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    CEO Update

    Around this time last month, I messaged all members as we watched the real-world change around us. For some its was already happening and for others its was yet to come but a month on we all live in very different times and adjusting to the situation remains hard for some of us, myself included. At Fly UK though we have striven to maintain "business as normal" by giving our members a place to retreat away from all that is going on in their own worlds and fly virtually, enjoy the community support and give some sense of normality. What I’ve seen from this whole Fly UK community, your engagement has been simply unprecedented. I thank all our members and staff for their contributions to this community by joining the daily events, supporting members, contributing to our community discussions in the forums and Discord as well as simply logging in the hours and flights that Fly UK provides. New member numbers are up by 195% in the last month, in March month alone Fly UK saw a 60% increase in activity from the prior month and as it currently stands in mid-April if the current trend continues then we will see a 110% increase. We have seen Skytrack's live tracker showing more virtual flights in the air than real world major airlines at the same time and high level of hours logged has set a new norm. Previously our benchmark was 300+ hours on any given weekend day, we are now hitting that easily.....every day. Around a month ago we surpassed the 400 daily hours milestone for one day, this past Sunday we were 1.5 hours short of breaking 700. These recent statistics for Fly UK are simply staggering and as much as I’d love to celebrate them, I recognize there are far more pressing statistics in the world and we all wish normality to return as fast as possible. From my personal perspective, being part of Fly UK during these trying times gives some personal reward and purpose, I hope the rest of the staff team as well as the wider member community can take great pride in the virtual space we have created for people to enjoy a safe place to invest time in their hobby and passion for aviation whilst the world adjusts. The statistics and positive comments I see from the members are one way to feel rewarded but I hope everyone is keeping safe and well as the priority, that is far more important. Until things start to return to normal, Fly UK will continue to support our members so keep up the flying. We are now onto summer schedules with lots of new possibilities with Fly2 switching soon, also come join the daily online events for some sim interaction with other members. Finally, despite the stats rising I want to ensure anybody who cannot sim during this time is not forgotten. If you are or have been affected by illness, please let the HR team know as we will be happy to grant leave for anyone unable to do fly. Equally, if you are one of the amazing key workers keeping essential services running and have little time to sim, let us know. Stay safe everyone and thank you. Best Wishes UKV1685 Matt Lewis - CEO
  16. Fly UK turned 16 during the last week and to celebrate we are giving all members a restriction free weekend - Any type, any rank on any Fly UK route. From April 11th at 00:00z to 23:59z on Sunday 12th April, the restrictions are off for all members regardless of rank. Fly any type on any Fly UK route and as we are feeling generous that's not restricted to Fly UK types. So yes, you classic lovers.... go fill your boots! Full details of the eligibility and terms can be found in NOTAM LIMA. Of course we love to see our livery in the skies but please share your picture and images of your weekend adventures on our social platforms.
  17. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    FSD GA Help Event

    As we are hosting a large selection of online social events using our FSD server, the events team have decided it would be a good idea to set up a general help event for all pilots.  Whether pilots are struggling with installing the FSD server, setting up model matching for their simulator or just generic GA flying, this event has you covered! The event is scheduled to start today (5th April 2020) at 1800z, and members will talk via our Teamspeak server. Confirm attendance here.  The event will start at Liverpool (EGGP). Just connect to our Teamspeak server, staff will help out!  
  18. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Daily "Stay at home" lockdown social events

    All members are welcome to join in our new daily social events. Come and escape the chaos of the real world with our social events! Due to the unprecedented events currently ongoing in the real world, the Fly UK events team have been working hard to provide pilots currently under lock-down "stay at home" social events in order to ease the boredom and to distract from those real world events. These daily events will be entirely social meaning all pilots, regardless of skill or confidence on online networks, can join! More information on these daily events can be found on our Events page. More information on how to set up our FSD network can be found here. Pilots should use our Teamspeak server to communicate with pilots. As these are a social event, it would be recommended for pilots to have this set up. Staff are on hand to help should any issues arise.  On top of the current planned events, a selection of new events have been set up. A small summary of these events can be found below: Saturday Afternoons: Social Event  - Fly UK FSD Monday Afternoons: Social Event - Fly UK FSD Tuesday/Friday Afternoons: Flying Club/GA Events - Fly UK FSD Wednesday Afternoons: Social Event - Fly UK FSD Finally, please, stay safe and well. We hope to see you on one of the events!
  19. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK's new schedules are live!

    March is finally over, and with April here, Fly UK is proud to announce the introduction new routes utilizing the newest aircraft in our fleet and new hubs being added to daily schedules! Aurora's relocated 737-700 The relocated A319, now flying for TOPA Sky, has found itself expanding into Perth (YPPH). From there, the A319 will be found flying scheduled services to Melbourne, Darwin and Launceston, perfectly complimenting the already impressive schedules TOPA Sky has, including the mammoth journey from London Heathrow to Perth. The 737-700, now flying for Canadian airline Aurora, is now flying through the picturesque scenery of Canada, flying to destinations such as Vancouver, Toronto, Denver and Palm Springs in California. This also compliments the new 737-900ER which joins the 700 flying from Vancouver, to destinations such as Juneau, Quebec City and Halifax. The Nordic ERJ-195LR has taken over routes previously operated by the now retired 717. The longer range and ability of the ERJ, coupled with new Helsinki and Gothenburg hubs, allows Nordic to fly even further into Europe. Highland Connects new ATR can now be found flying out of the Scottish City of Glasgow, flying to London City Airport, Vágar, Exeter and Sumburgh (just to name a few). Fly UK's hotly anticipated 787-X Dreamliner is now in scheduled long haul service, flying to destinations such as Doha, Johannesburg, Shanghai and San Francisco. New routes are also available for Mainline operations: Austin Osaka Addis Ababa Santiago
  20. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fleet centre livery update

    Since announcing our new mainstream Fly UK "Crystal" livery last October, the Fleet paint team have spent countless hours bringing the fleet up to date. With an number of new products, updates requiring re-work and several aircraft moving franchise, the last six months has been the busiest for the team in Fly UK history. As of today this task is complete. Toliss A321 Feel free to explore the fleet centre but for a brief run-down, see below. Freeware All Fly UK Crystal freeware and franchise moves complete for FSX/P3Dv3 and XP11 Several updates to P3dv4 compatible aircraft - for list see here Updated models on A350, 747-400 747-8, 777 & Q400 Payware All Fly UK Crystal freeware and franchise moves complete for FSX/P3Dv3 and XP11 Following payware featured in our fleet has been added and fully covered for all divisions. Aerosoft Professional series (all products) Carenado (all products) Captainsim 777v2 Feelthere ERJ V3 FlightFactor (all products) FSLabs (all products) PMDG NGXu series SSG (all products) Toliss (all products) Virtualcol (all products) X Crafts The outgoing Union Spirit Livery has now been retired from the Fleet Centre. Members who still have this installed are welcome to continue flying this livery within their own sims and the Cargo division will still to use this livery. Additionally at this point the policy change announced in NOTAM ECHO (01/03/20) comes into effect, click the NOTAM link to read full details if required. In summary the paint team from this point forward will only be investing time in P3Dv4, FS2020 and XP11 compatible products. I hope all members welcome this work and enjoy the fruits of the teams tireless work. Aircraft painting is a hugely time consuming piece of work so a massive thanks to all involved in this major task especially Dmitriy, Matt L & Matt C plus the other staff and members that assisted with testing, and checking pre-release. Enjoy a well deserved break from Photoshop! PMDG 747-400
  21. All members are welcome to join us for a pop-up social event this Saturday afternoon. Come join members and escape the chaos going on in the real world for a relaxed social event. Following on from the past success and popular social events, we thought our members would enjoy some distraction from the real world. So if you are an off-line flyer wanting to try a group flight or new to on-line flying, this no pressure event without ATC and is a great place to start with only fellow pilots in the skies around. At the same time this event is open to all so we hope to see our more experienced members in the skies with us too. The main group departure is set for 14:00z from London Stansted.. Return leg is also on offer. If you do plan to do the return then an earlier or later departure is perfectly acceptable. More event information as well as help for first time Fly UK Server users can be found here To book to take part click here Grab some snacks, a few corona's ....beers and fly with colleagues. We look forward to seeing you!  
  22. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Members message

    It feels like the world is ever changing currently and in these uncertain times I see discussions and topics between members that really shows the depth and strength of the member community, and the volunteer staff team that makes Fly UK what it is. In troubled times such as those we all face now, this community becomes a haven of sanity or a welcome distraction for many. The Fly UK team and I are committed to supporting the whole community and give you all that slice of virtual normality and escape. We already released NOTAM GOLF this past week which stated our operations policy which in hindsight was exactly the correct thing to do. Other VA's that have followed "real world" restrictions and now face having to back track or give members very limited choice. A parked up virtual fleet serves no purpose and from my perspective with many people now staying home, you come here for a break so we'll carry on as normal as possible. The effects are already being seen of this unique scenario in that our current statistics are breaking records with weekday numbers reaching peak weekend levels and we've smashed our previous mainstream hours record two weekends in a row hitting 380 hours last weekend (previous high being 300). Add 43 hours to that for Flying Club and we break the 400 mark. Normally that would be something to celebrate however under the circumstance myself and the staff team will simply take satisfaction that we are providing a service our members appreciate. Please all be concious that in a member base of over 960, there will be many impacted by the current real world events both directly and indirectly. Personally I'm now restricted to working from home (already climbing the walls), others have been ill or know people that have and many may have significant worries about what's next and the impact. Through this period however I intend to keep Fly UK a safe haven and place to escape and relax. For those of you stuck at home, stay in touch with the Fly UK community via the forums, come hang out in the Discord live chat and voice channels. Also check out our events out as an opportunity to join other members in the air. We'll be plotting some more social flying events over the next few weeks for members to join. Finally I urge all our staff and members to follow your relevant government advice and guideline and truly hope you all have minimal disruption to your daily lives be it health or financial. We are all here out of passion for Fly UK and its community but this must be secondary to what goes on in your real world lives, so look after yourselves, your family and your neighbours and when you want to escape into the virtual skies, we are here for you. Best wishes from myself and the staff team Matt Lewis CEO
  23. Phase two of our ad-hoc movements for the forthcoming fleet re-allocations are now live and available until end of the month. Flights can be found along with the new fleet deliveries already live under Ad-hoc flight search. Summary of movements as follows ATR72-500 Acquired from Algerian operator for Highland Connect FL9021 - 9026 : Algiers to Glasgow via ATR Toulouse B737-700 Transfer from Nordic to Aurora FL9027 - 9033 : Bergen to Vancouver via Narsarsuaq, Greenland and Churchill, Manitoba B737-900 From Boeing to Aurora FL9034 - 9035 : Renton to Vancouver A319 Transfer from Aurora to Topa sky FL9036 - 9053 : Vancouver to Auckland and Perth via Honolulu, Pago Pago and Brisbane (Perth aircraft only) B717 Retirement form Nordic FL9054 - 9056 : Bergen to Tamac Aerosave @ Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport Transferring airframes may be flown in current or new livery, most of which are available form the Fleet Centre.
  24. The newest additions to our fleet, the Boeing 787-10 "Dreamliner" and the Embraer ERJ195 are now available to be collected for delivery. The 787-10 joins the Mainstream Fly UK fleet, while the ERJ195 joins the Nordic Fleet. 787-10 787-10 - FL9000- FL9004 From KPAE to EGLL, with one aircraft having a crew training stop at BIKF. ERJ195 - FL9005 - FL2020 Multi leg delivery flight across the South Atlantic via São José dos Campos - Recife - Cape Verde - Lisbon - Bergen. Liveries for both aircraft are now available on the Fleet Centre page.
  25. Join us Saturday 22nd Feb for a Winter holiday social flight to Innsbruck! Following on from the success and huge turnout on our Christmas Lapland event social event, we follow this up with another iconic destination at the height of the skiing season. Innsbruck awaits and all members new and experienced are welcome to join the social FSD server on-line throughout the afternoon. This will be the second of our newer style social events aimed at those who expressed wish for less formal on-line events. So if you are an off-line flyer wanting to try a group flight or new to on-line flying, this no pressure event without ATC and is a great place to start with only fellow pilots in the skies around. At the same time this event is open to all so we hope to see our more experienced members in the skies with us too. The main group departure is set for 15:00z from London Luton but LOWI is tight so feel free to start earlier. Return leg is also on offer. If you do plan to do the return then an earlier or later departure is recommended to make full use of available ramp space. We look forward to seeing you!
  26. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    REX Simulations Fly UK Members discount - 40%

    . Fly UK are now able to offer members a 40% discount code for REX Simulation products until 29th February 2020. REX Simulations is an award winning developer in environment simulation software offering a number of enhancement products for FSX and P3D. To take advantage of the offer, members can visit the Offers and Discount page from the main menu to find details.
  27. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    US Codeshare

    Fly UK and Metroair have been operating in a codeshare partnership for five years now and we are pleased to confirm that is set to continue as we re-engage and re-energise our relationship. Led by Fly UK Head of Operations Katrina Hancock, a fresh new approach to our codeshare agreement has been discussed and agreed with our Metroair colleagues. Whilst retaining a robust global network partnership the new agreement will also focus on unique aircraft types not available to pilots in each organisation. Additionally, unique and popular destinations will feature. As well as close co-operation on transatlantic routes, we will be adding more connectivity to all of Metroair's hubs and expanding the east coast codeshare network. Metroair members will also enjoy access to interesting European routes as well as those found within our franchise network. For Fly UK members, access to Metroair’s new Makai Express franchise will also allow our members to enjoy the scenic Hawaiian Islands. Established in 2005, Metroair follows closely on our heels by celebrating its 15th anniversary during 2020 and both VA’s have celebrated with fresh looks and fresh approaches in their anniversary years. With many things in the pipeline for both Airlines in this coming year and there is no better time to strengthen our partnership and bring both Airlines closer than ever. Thanks to both Fly UK and Metroair operations teams for their work and we hope both communities are as excited to see what these next few years will bring as we are. "The growth between FlyUK and Metroair is true to our mission as a company and our long-standing codeshare agreement that has been in effect for over 5 years. We're increasing the effort for a variety of travel options to exciting and beautiful destinations while maintaining a healthy partnership. Where glad as a company to be renewing our endeavours with such a great airline and looking forward to the clear sky's ahead!" – East Coast Ops Director, AJ VanMiddendorp "Metroair is a key component in our vision for a global network providing a structured yet flexible virtual airline operations for all Fly UK and Metroair members. I am excited to see what new opportunities the partnership brings and look forward to supporting our operations team in delivering a world class virtual airline experience across both organisations" – Fly UK CEO, Matthew Lewis
  28. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Latest News & Updates for Members - January 2020

    Dear Members,    Last month's activity at Fly UK saw an average of 351 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in November. We received 1,404 Mainstream PIREPs, 824 Tour PIREPs and 742 Flying Club  PIREPs.    CommunityWe have extended the Aurora 1 Year Anniversary contest until January 23rd 2020. Details can be found here.  https://flyuk.aero/press-release/aurora-s-first-birthdayTo all that participate I wish you all the best of luck!       Flying ClubThe new year brings changes as normal the most important being the Weds Evening FSD group flights will now also be flown on the following Sunday Evening at 1900z    The FSE group continues to expand with a membership of 35 and a club fleet of 8 to  rent , callsigns and current locations below PH-FER     Boeing Stearman                         EGLL     G-BPVA     Cessna 172 Skyhawk                  EGBG     G-MICH     Cessna 182 Skylane                    EGHI     NK-GOL     Cessna 208 Caravan                   NZWR     G-SMEC     Cessna 208 Caravan                  EGNO     G-FCLT     Cessna 337 Skymaster                EGLK         G-FCGB     Piper PA-24 Comanche (A2A)    EGHI     G-FFC5    Piper PA-28 Arrow                         EGFP   January  FSD  Flights Listed below Wed 01 Jan 2020 at 1900z  repeated Sun 05 Jan 2020 at 1900z    Peruvian AdventuresWed 08 Jan 2020 at 1900z  repeated Sun 12 Jan 2020 at 1900z    S African SafariWed 15 Jan 2020 at 1900z  repeated Sun 19 Jan 2020 at 1900z    HAWAIIAN HOLIDAYWed 22 Jan 2020 at 1900z  repeated Sun 26 Jan 2020 at 1900z    Gran Canaria to La PalmaWed 29 Jan 2020 at 1900z  repeated Sun 02 Feb 2020 at 1900z   Trinidad and Tobago to Venezuela.  Please visit our Flying Club page for more information and flight plans, and to register your attendance.       Events & Online Flying  Here's an overview of the Events we have lined up for  this January:  Sat - 11th Jan 2020 - 0700    FSD Social Group Flight: Warsaw-Moscow Sun - 12th Jan 2020 - 1400   IVAO Group Event: Moscow-WarsawTue - 14th Jan 2020 - 1900   Tuesday-Tour-Night Leg 2: Helsinki to Copenhagen VATSIM Weekly EventThu - 16th Jan 2020 - 1400   Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour Leg 2: Helsinki to Copenhagen IVAO Weekly Event Sat - 18th Jan 2020 - 0700    Weekly FSD Group Event: Moscow to OdessaSun - 19th Jan 2020 - 1400   IVAO Weekly Group Event: Odessa to MoscowTue - 21st Jan 2020 - 1900   Tuesday-Tour-Night Leg 3: Copenhagen to Bergen VATSIM Weekly EventThu - 23rd Jan 2020 - 1400   Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour Leg 3: Copenhagen to Bergen IVAO Weekly EventSat - 25th Jan 2020 - 0700    FSD Weekly Group Event: Odessa to PragueSun - 26th Jan 2020 - 1400   IVAO Weekly Group Event: Prague to OdessaTue - 28th Jan 2020 - 1900   Tuesday-Tour-Night Leg 4: Bergen to the Faroe Islands VATSIM Weekly EventThu - 30th Jan 2020 - 1400   Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour Leg 4: Bergen to the Faroe Islands IVAO Weekly Event   >> Please visit our Online Events page for more information or to register your attendance      Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery The winner of the December Screenshot Competition is UKV1685 - Matt Lewis  with "Classic Innsbruck". Congratulations Matt!  The theme for the January Screenshot Competition is "Freight Hauling". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:    January Competition -Freight Hauling    Best regards, The Fly UK Staff Team
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