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Fly UK is a leading International Virtual Airline for the Flight Simulation community.

If you're looking for a realistic, friendly and fun virtual airline, look no further.

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Featured Destination - Denver

Featured Destination - Denver

Denver - the Mile High City and capital of Colorado where 300 days of sunshine, a thriving cultural scene, diverse neighbourhoods and natural beauty combine for the world's most spectacular playground. This American metropolis dates to the Old West era and features landmark 19th-century buildings. Museums include the Denver Art Museum, an ultramodern complex known for its collection of indigenous works, and the mansion of famed Titanic survivor Molly Brown. Denver is also a jumping-off point for ski resorts in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Denver is served by a 777 service from London Heathrow as well as the recent Aurora franchise extension which operate Avro, A319 and MD88 into Denver International Airport.
Denver Flights

A world of opportunity

A world of opportunity

Beyond our core Fly UK Mainstream and Fly2 UK based operations, a wealth of choice awaits pilots within our franchise network. Choose from our own UK based Highland Connect services to the islands and highlands of Scotland, rugged beauty of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest with Aurora, Nordic Sky serving Norway and Scandinavia or seek life down under with Topa Sky serving Oceania.
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Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling

For a different experience why not try our Cargo division offering different destination choice and shorter flight with heavy types. Set up to mirror a real world cargo network, choose from our 757F fleet serving mail and parcel contracts to the heavy haulers include 777, 747-400 and 747-8 freighters.

Based out of London Stansted.
Cargo Flights

SkyTrack - Live Flights

SkyTrack - Live Flights

Who's flying where? Take a look at the SkyTrack Live Map to see what Fly UK flights are currently being flown, all in real time!
SkyTrack Live Map




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