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  4. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly2s 2021 Summer Holiday Season starts

    Our holiday charter franchise, Fly2, has switched to the 2021 summer schedules as of the 1st of May.  Throughout the summer period, Fly2 will operate scheduled flights to popular summer destinations throughout Europe with services returning to Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean Islands. These summertime favourite flights will be served by Fly2's fleet of Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Boeing 787 aircraft. Fly2 will also operate a large variety of long haul flights to overseas holiday destinations with Fly2s new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, flying to picturesque destinations such as Punta Cana
  5. UKV1510 - Ron Kurz

    Fly UK Subscription

    Shucks! I really wanted that cuddly toy !
  6. UKV1325 - Jason Beaumont

    Fly UK Subscription

  7. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK Subscription

    Members who logged into our website this morning were greeted by the genius of our evil web dev team..and it seems a good few of you were fooled. Circumstances in 2020 didn't seem right to be landing our usual April 1st foolery on our members and whilst 2021 is still not better for some...its time to have a positive outlook on life and crack a smile once and again. Of course a years gap meant something special had to be conjured up ;) For those that missed it, users accessing the site before midday were greeted by this screen April 1st login Clicking on any of the options took you here, s
  8. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Summer Operations Begin

    Spring is upon us, bringing warmer temperatures, later sunsets and Fly UK’s Summer Schedules for 2021, due to go live at 23:59z on the 31st of March. Here is a selection of highlights from our franchises. G-FLAA at London Gatwick Fly2Fly2’s Summer Schedules will come into effect in May; however Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft will take over from Fly2’s current Boeing 787-9 fleet from the 1st of April.  CodeshareImprovements have been made to our codeshare hub networks in order to give better and more appealing options for travelling across the USA, as well as better links with Mainstr
  9. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK Staff Position Changes

    We would like to announce some changes within the Fly UK Staff Team that has taken place over the previous few weeks.  Firstly, Ron and Ross have switched roles within the Training Academy and Events team. Due to work commitments, Ron's time for Fly UK has sadly become limited, however he remains in the staff team as TA staff. As a result, Ross Elliot has taken over as head of the department. Secondly, on the events team, we welcome Sean Walters-Smith. As well as real world ATC knowledge, Sean will support organising our events schedule as we focus more time within the TA on new projects
  10. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    MSFS Livery updates

    After some months battling with poor mapping, we are finally able to release the Boeing 747-8i livery pack in interim form for MSFS. Some of the normal livery features remain an issue such as the main title so this has been worked around for now as an interim release. Additionally the A320 Neo Fly UK Crystal has been upgraded to v2 and 4K textures. As one of the earlier liveries completed, some panel gap issues existed and a greater  understanding of MSFS painting is now known. As result this has been overhauled. Baked in registration has been removed however at the present point in ti
  11. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Fly UK partners with British AvGeek

    Fly UK are pleased to announce a new partnership with Fly UK member and YouTube content creator British Avgeek (UKV4944 Luke Carter). Luke’s channel has already promoted Fly UK through his content and brought new members to the VA. The channels focus on sim “how to guides” and specific topics of learning and development fit well with how Fly UK wishes to provide educational content for our members going forward. Fly UK’s Training Academy and British Avgeek are already collaborating on a series of challenging airports guides which will be available via our website very soon. If you want to ch
  12. https://flyuk.aero/posts/is-online-atc-network-flying-for-you
  13. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    New Year, New Tours

    We know our members, especially those that have progressed through our ranks, like to discover and explore new locations with our tours while enjoying flying to airports that our main schedules don't offer. It's been a while since we last updated the tours that Fly UK offers, but we have now rectified that with a major overhaul. It's out with the old and in with the new! Screenshot_121.jpg 811.07 KB A new series of tours. Our staff team have been hard at work designing new tours for 2021, covering every rank class and franchise we offer. The new tours are desig
  14. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Members update & end of year message

    As I sat trying to think what to write as part of the traditional end of year update and message to members and staff, I found myself somewhat stumped as to what to stay. The year has been far from normal, the Fly UK and the wider Flight Sim community has come a long way during 2020 but somehow pales into significance against a back drop of real-world turmoil. So I think I simply wish to say a thankyou to all the members and staff that have not only held this community together during these testing times but strengthened it beyond anything I thought was possible. Certainl
  15. Santa Special Our traditional Christmas social group flight to Lapland takes place this Saturday and is open to all members to join. Santa hats, Mince pies and Gluhwein are highly encouraged en-route. A Christmas quiz will be one of our challenges on the way with an ORBX product up to £20 value for the winner along with a Fly UK award badge for anyone taking part. Award This year we depart from Birmingham at 18:00z to arrive in Rovaniemi around 21:00 - 21:30z depending on your aircraft selection. Full event details can be found here. We also have a shorter route option for those unable to
  16. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    FSD Setup Guide & New Model Matching resources

    FSD SETUP GUIDE We have completed a total overhaul of our FSD and online tool setup guide and our model matching resources and these are now available for members. The guide can be accessed by members via the below link and is a comprehensive one stop shop for help and guidance and replaces the older website and forum links/guides whcih were harder to find and spread around our site/forums. Whilst the guide is aimed solely at our own FSD server use but can be used as guide for setup other online access networks. https://flyuk.aero/docs/fly-uk-fsd-online-flying-setup MODEL MATCHING We
  17. UKV1790 - Adam Hart

    Fly UK's 2020 Christmas offerings

    Fly UK's A321 Covered in a layer of snow December has finally arrived and Fly UK are launching seasonal flights, charters and tours for the festive season. Here is a list of what to expect throughout December. Lapland ChartersAs previously announced, Fly2 have started the Lapland charter flights to Rovaniemi (EFRO) and Ivalo (EFIV) in Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft from select UK airports. These flights, taking you to the home of Santa's Village and to a beautiful winter wonderland, will be operating from the 1st of December to the 24th of December.  Fly UK Members Social Gr
  18. The most festive time of the year is almost here and with it, Fly2 are launching into our trademark festive operations. Here is a small glimpse of what our holiday franchise is offering this winter. Fly2's 757 at Innsbruck Fly2 Lapland ChartersFly2's Lapland Charters are scheduled to start on the 1st of December flying from most Fly2 UK airports to quintessentially festive destinations such as Finland's Rovaniemi. These special charters will operate throughout the month of December using the Fly2 fleet, finishing just in time for Christmas on the 24th of December.  Fly2 Ski RoutesFly2
  19. Our November Screenshot Competition, "Iconic Airports", is set to close submissions and go into voting this Monday, 23rd of November. This competition takes members to some of the most Iconic and well known airports on the planet, such as the infamous Innsbruck. To take part in the competition, submit no more than two non edited images on our "Screenshot Competition" page, located under the Community tab on our main page. More information and rules can also be found there. We look forward to seeing your stunning pictures, good luck!  IconAirports.png 1.73 MB
  20. Hi All, Our forum has been upgraded today. This was a necessity to ensure we are on the most up to date version with the latest security updates. Its a more noticeable upgrade with some UI changes (not made by us). If you encounter any issues, please let us know via the usual methods. Thanks, Chris
  21. UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

    Laravel Web Developer Wanted

    We’re looking for web developers with experience of using Laravel to assist with the Fly UK website. If you’re a web developer and have experience of using Laravel (PHP Framework), please get in touch, or if you know someone who might be interested, please share this post with them. Our website and systems are at the heart of our operation, servicing our 1000+ members from over 60 different countries. We receive around 150 PIREPs per day with each flight booked via our custom built website and recorded using our ‘SkyTrack’ flight logging software. This is a great opportunity
  22. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Double Socials this weekend

    We have two social events set for this weekend for all members who are welcome to join.  Friday brings us a Himalayan adventure on MSFS Multiplayer and Saturday the continuation of our monthly round the world tour which this time takes us to New Zealand and is available for all platforms. To view and join us on these events, visit the below event pages to book on and learn how to take part. Remember all our event flights are open to all ranks. Friday 13th November at 2000z- MSFS Multiplayer Sat 14th November at 1800z |  FSD Server Friday 13th November - MSFS Social - Lukla
  23. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Double event weekend

    Oct 31st Events Yes its that time of year again folks....Strictly Come Dancing avoidance season. It also happens to be Halloween ;) To ease us into the new season as the nights draw in, we have a double event day this Saturday for members to join and enjoy. On Saturday afternoon we join VATSIM Germany as they commemorate the last day of operations at their capital city's Berlin Tegel airport before its permanent closure that day at 23:00z. And on Saturday evening we have a Fly UK Social on our FSD server for Halloween night (no apple bobbing in the cockpit please although I'm sure the usual
  24. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    The Fly UK Blog has launched

    . The Fly UK Blog is now live, our new platform to keep you up to date and connected with the flight sim community. Older members may recall our quarterly “Skyways” magazine, a well-received publication issued four times a year, however a very time-consuming task to produce and often with news becoming outdated by the time it was completed. Sadly, the project became unsustainable however we’ve always wanted to find a way to engage with the flight simulation community in a manageable way over and above our news channels and community discussion platforms including the Forum and Discord, hence
  25. Hot on the heels of the recent livery updates for the airliners in MSFS, Fly UK's Flying Club recieves a collection of stunning paints for a variety of single and twin prop aircraft featured in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The liveries can be downloaded under the "MSFS" tab in the Flying Club downloads section. A full list of currently painted aircraft can be found below:Diamond DA40NGJMB Aircraft VL3Cessna 172SP (Both G1000 & Classic versions)Beechcraft G36Cirrus SR22Daher TBM930CubCrafters XCubCessna 152 Aerobat - MSFS Standard EditionCessna 152 Aerobat - MSFS Deluxe and Premium Edi
  26. UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

    Winter ops on the way

    With Winter operations updates on the way at the end of the month, it’s a good time you give you a preview of some of our upcoming changes following successful ops team recruitment drive this year. Scheduling Highland & Fly UK regional As part of the new team structure, Richard Greer now assumes control of Fly UK regional service from the mainstream team. This means the Q400 and CRJ fleet based at Birmingham and Southampton. Highland Connect and Fly UK Regional will remain unchanged as far as branding goes however the schedules and planning will b
  27. The newest member of our Mainstream operations, the Airbus A320-273N “NEO”, has had finishing touches applied and is now ready for delivery! Ahead of the types scheduled introduction into Mainstream operations, pilots are now able to deliver the newest member of the Fly UK fleet from the Airbus manufacturing plant located at Hamburg Finkenwerder (EDHI) to our bases in the United Kingdom. The flights will be available until the end of this month. The flight schedule for the airframes can be found below: FL9000 – Hamburg Finkenwerder – Manchester Ringway (EDHI
  28. After 15 years simming, I myself recently took my first steps on VATSIM so can appreciate how daunting it may be to some, but it is a rewarding experience. Pressing that Push to Talk button on frequency for the fist time was the biggest hurdle, preparation is the key but with support of fellow staff and members the experience is made far easier. This is why along with an invite from VATSIM Scandinavia, we announced our Training Academy programme for members wishing to take their first steps or build confidence on their journey to online flying last week, the full PR can be found here Week o
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