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July Update to Members


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Dear Members,


The staff team have been working hard on improving Fly UK for it's members over the past month, from releasing Highland Connection to working on new aircraft repaints. The events staff have been busy working away at summer's events, and there have been vacancies for new staff to join the team.


During June we carried on with our Ad-Hoc rejuvenation, and launched our busy June UEFA Euros schedule. VATSUNDAYS has grown in popularity, with more and more people attending each week. Stuart McIntyre was our first VATSUNDAYS monthly winner, attending all four of the May events.


We'd like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Fly UK. This update gives you all the latest news, it's perfect for something to read during the cruise. We hope you will find it interesting. Happy Flying!



- Highland Connection




Highland Connection which is based in Edinburgh will allow members even more choice when selecting flights, particularly those of shorter durations. Fly UK has opted for the tried and tested Beechcraft 1900D regional turboprop powered aircraft. These aircraft are capable of operating from short strips which make them ideal for this type of operation. Although production of these aircraft ended in 2002, they are still in widespread use today. Fly UK has acquired four B1900D's from the European Market, all of which now sport our new Highland Connection livery.



- July Featured Destination




July's featured destination is London, the host city of the 2012 Olympic games. London has a rich history of association with the Olympic games and will become the only city to have hosted three. London last hosted the games in 1948, having previously hosted the fourth modern Olympic games in 1908. Read more about London here.



- Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery




The theme for the May competition is 'Highland Connection'. The winner will receive the prize of an airport in the Xtreme range from UK2000 Scenery. This is a great opportunity for pilots to try out the new Highland Connection schedule. To enter the competition please visit the Screenshot Competition section of our forums. Full information as well as competition rules can be found there too.



- Recruitment




Fly UK are currently looking to recruit a web developer to join the staff team. If you have you experience of coding and working with websites, we want to hear from you! Or, if you don't have any coding experience but know someone who does, please send them a link if you think they might be interested in this position. To find out more take a look at the Management Careers page.



- New Offers & Discounts




As a registered pilot at Fly UK, you are entitled to some fantastic offers and discounts from a wide range of flight simulator publishers. Flight Sim Wings are now offering a 10% discount on all stock (including special offer and sale items) to Fly UK members. They offer free P&P to all customers in the UK & Ireland and offer crib-sheet guides for selected titles.


- July Online Events


This month we have a great selection of event flights on IVAO, VATSIM and the Fly UK FSD server.


The IVAO morning group will be flying to many exotic destinations such as Cairo and New Delhi on a Saturday morning at 0600z, and anybody is welcome to join these events.


This month the VATSUNDAYS group will be flying to the world's 5th busiest airports in 2011. This will see us flying to the likes of Heathrow and Tokyo. These events take place at 1800z on Sundays and again anybody is welcome.


Last but not least, the Fly UK Flying Club are heading to Barton on Sunday the 22nd July.


- Update from Operations


May and June have been a busy couple of months for the operations department who have been working hard to bring Fly UK pilots a range of schedule updates. June saw the launch of Highland Connection, and throughout May and June the operations team worked tirelessly to bring you a diverse Ad-Hoc schedule. June saw Ad-Hoc routes operating between London and the US Golf Open, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, and the UEFA Euros.


Fly UK has lots of Ad-Hoc flights planned for July, and in June we announced that we had secured a contract with North Sea oil rig operators to ferry oil rig workers between Aberdeen and Esbjerg for the month of July. There is one return flight a day and more imformation can be found here. We will be releasing our July Ad-Hoc schedule soon, so keep an eye on our NOTAMs.


Would you like to get involved in operations? We're looking for your Ad-Hoc flight ideas. If you have an idea, and would like to see it featured in the schedule, post it on our Ad-Hoc Suggestions page, where the staff team will review your suggestion.



- Flying Club News


The Flying Club continues as usual, with our regular weekly sessions being very well attended. This month's Sunday flying club event will see pilots flying into Barton. The event will take place on the 22nd of July at 13:30z on the Fly UK FSD server.


The Flying club are hosting a real world meetup in York on the 18th of August at around midday. Details are still to be confirmed, however information is available here.



- Latest from the Training Academy


The training academy have continued their excellent work at training our pilots, and have been making sure that people can carry on to study courses at times to suit them. June has seen the introduction of a document to help on-line pilots who are new to Heathrow. Heathrow Guide.


- Website Updates


We are aware that iPad users are currently unable to use the drop down menus on the site. This is something we have looked at but have been unable to fix as of yet. We will continue to look at this, however in the meantime you can Download Google Chrome for free on the iTunes store. Google Chrome is an alternate iPad browser to safari, and our website is fully functional in Chrome for iOS.


We are hoping to release a new version of SkyTrack later this summer. We also have plans to make various other website improvements, however this is dependent on the amount of spare time our web team have to work on the site. We'll keep you updated with any changes that we make.



- Feedback


As always, we appreciate any feedback regarding any aspect of Fly UK. Please feel free to get involved and post in the Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions section of our community forums.



--- ENDS ---


The Marketing Department



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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