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Major Fleet Update


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Major Fleet Update > New aircraft & more!


Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce this years changes to our fleet. We have decided, for a number of reasons, to retire a number of aircraft. That said, we have also placed significant orders for new aircraft so, overall, we are continually expanding our fleet!

Aircraft leaving service:

We have decided to retire the following aircraft due to a combination of lack of use, voted least popular by members, bad FS models & furthermore realism.

- Dash8 Q400 (All 3 leaving service 1st Nov 2010)
- Airbus A330 (Both aircraft leaving service 1st Nov 2010)
- Fokker100 (All 3 leaving service 1st May 2011)

Current Orders:

The following aircraft are currently on order here at Fly UK. The paragraphs below this explain what each order will be used for, and how we will cover the routes of retiring aircraft as detailed above.

6x Embraer 195
5x Boeing 747-400
5x Airbus A340-300
5x Boeing 787-800
4x ATR72-500

- The 6 EMB195s on order are modern, efficient & higher capacity aircraft which will replace all our current EMB170 & F100 operations. They will commence service for our Summer 2011 schedules. These new EMB195s will operation from Leeds Bradford (EGNM) & Southampton (EGHI) with a single class configuration of 122 passengers. (As opposed to 80 passengers on our retiring E170s.) These aircraft will be able to operate on longer routes thus our regional operations from these two airports will expand.

- The ATR72-500 will replace all Dash8 aircraft at the start of our Winter 2010 operations.

- The A330s based at Gatwick that are retiring will be replaced by our B767 fleet by November 2010.

- Our 10 B744 & A343 orders will be key in our exciting worldwide network expansion. These new aircraft will begin arriving from June 2011 - 2012. New destinations will include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Beijing, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sydney and many more to be announced.

- As detailed in a separate PR, our 5 X B788 orders will eventually replace B763 operations. However, they will both operate alongside each other until 2013/2014.

Our total fleet listing (continually updated) can be viewed here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=fl...&?tabtabs=5

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Robert Allen - Operations
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