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Gliding Down the Runway


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Gliding Down the Runway


In contrast to the soaring temperatures in an Formula One car's engine, Fly UK will be providing flights from the United Kingdom to various events in the 2012-13 Figure Skating events calendar. Fights will be operating to all European Grand Pix events, as well as ISU championship events. Flights available include:

-Cup of Russia - Moscow, Russia - Outbound Flights: 8th November - Return Flights: 12th November;

-Trophée Eric Bompard - Paris, France - Outbound Flights: November 15th - Return Flights: November 19th;

-Grand Prix Final - Sochi, Russia - Outbound Flights: 5th December - Return Flights: 10th December;

-European Championships - Zagreb, Croatia - Twice daily flights - 20th-28th January 2013;

-World Junior Championships - Milan, Italy - Twice daily flights - 24th February - 4th March 2013;

-World Championships - London, Canada - Out: 9th March 2013 - Return: 10th March 2013 - Out: 17th March - Return: 18th March.

A full schedule of flights is available here. A full list of all of the events in the 2012-13 season is available here. Most Grand Prix and Championship events are available to view on British Eurosport. Figure skating is governed globally by the International Skating Union.

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ad-Hoc Operations - Tom Boon
Email: tom.boon[at]flyuk.aero
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