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Announcement: CEO & Staff Team Changes

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Announcement: CEO & Staff Team Changes

Dear Members,

As of Monday the 10th December 2012, I will be stepping down as CEO of Fly UK Virtual Airways. I am very pleased to announce that Pete Gill will take the position of CEO and Derek Butterworth will work alongside Pete as Vice CEO. I will be staying with Fly UK and my new title will be Founder/Chairman. In this position I will focus solely on the development of our website and systems whilst Pete and Derek will take over the day to day running and management of the virtual airline.

The reason for this change is mainly due to the fact I have less spare time available due to real world commitments. I started Fly UK when I was aged 14 and now 8 years on, a lot of things have changed and I find that it is becoming more and more difficult to manage my real world commitments and still give Fly UK the great amount of time and effort it requires. I also feel that after such a long time as CEO, it will be good to have a change of leadership and open the door for others to lead Fly UK with a fresh approach and new ideas.

Fly UK has always strived to be the best, offering the highest levels of service and quality. As this is a hobby and relies on the amount of spare time staff members have available, it can sometimes be very difficult and challenging to maintain the high levels of service our members have come to expect.

I have given this decision a great deal of consideration and I am confident that Pete and Derek have the qualities and skills required to lead this virtual airline. Pete and Derek are long-standing, experienced members and understand the core values of our organisation and the keys to its success.

I would like to thank all members for their continued support. I am very proud of everything we have achieved at Fly UK over the last 8 years. Although I am not leaving completely, this is a major change and I just wanted to say that I have met so many great people over the last 8 years, it has been both an honour and a pleasure to be the CEO of this unique organisation. I would like to wish Pete and Derek all the best in their new positions and thank all staff members past and present for their hard work and support. The staff team at Fly UK are a great bunch to work with and I have always been amazed by the commitment shown by staff and the amount of their spare time invested to run Fly UK.

Finally, in addition to the changes above, Adam Hillier and Kevin Carter will also be leaving the staff team. I would like to thank both Adam and Kevin for all their hard work and input into Fly UK over the years. Both will remain members of Fly UK and Adam will assist the staff team on an ad-hoc basis when required.

So this is it, the beginning of the next era of Fly UK. I hope you will all give Pete and Derek your support.

Kind Regards,

Chris Sutcliffe

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Chris Sutcliffe - Founder/Chairman
Email: chris.sutcliffe[at]flyuk.aero
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