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Year in Review (2012)


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Year in Review (2012)


It has been another eventful year at Fly UK. A year of great friendship, joy, and even a few frowns when circumstances faced us. Nevertheless, we saw through it all as a family, and have emerged as an even stronger virtual airline. So, as we progress into 2013 with new intentions and great expectations, let's remember our achievements in 2012.


Last Year's Overall Statistics:

We had a total of 37490 pireps last year totalling 71266 hours.

IVAO Flights: 4362
VATSIM Flights: 4169
FSD Flights: 1131
Offline Flights: 25646

Mainstream Flights: 21758
Event Flights: 642
Tour Flights: 12902
Training Flights: 229
Flying Club Flights: 3431

Most Flights a Week:

IVAO Flights: 145
VATSIM Flights: 156
FSD Flights: 54
Offline Flights: 709

Mainstream Flights: 641
Event Flights: 24
Tour Flights: 457
Training Flights: 14
Flying Club Flights: 155

Statistics for Mon 2nd Jan to Sun 30th Dec. Data taken at 1215z on Wednesday 2nd January 2012 is meant as a close estimate, and is subject to slight human error due to manual calculations.


As we continue to take to the skies in our expansive fleet, let's make our landings even more memorable than those of the past 365 days!

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Marketing & Graphics - Frans van Santbrink
Email: frans.vansantbrink[at]flyuk.aero
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