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F1 Motorsport Logistic Flights 2013


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F1 Motorsport Logistic Flights 2013


Fly UK Virtual Airways is pleased to announce yet another return of Formula 1 Flights throughout this year's season! Using our MD11F and B747F aircraft, we'll be offering flights between host cities, before and after each race. You can expect full coverage of the 2013 season, taking you to and from places such as Shanghai, Nice, Abu Dhabi, Texas and Sao Paulo.

Flights commence from the 12th of March, and will be accessible from here.

Full Schedule >>

We'd also like to announce that in other but related news, Ad-Hoc will now be renamed to Charter.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Operations Charter - Tom Boon
Email: tom.boon[at]flyuk.aero

Marketing & Graphics - Frans van Santbrink
Email: frans.vansantbrink[at]flyuk.aero
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