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Skytrack 1.1 Released


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Skytrack 1.1 Released


The new version of Skytrack is now live, all pilots please upgrade to new version available here.

1.1 has fixed many of the problems pilots were experiencing with the older versions. One of the most useful features is that it also allows pilots who want to fly offline with no internet connection to their flying PC to export the file from Skytrack and then upload the file from another PC later to the site, so no more manual PIREPS for them.

Another exciting feature is that the system checks for Activity at the PC after about 2 hours of flying by requesting a frequency change in either comms 1 or comms 2 , (Comms 2 is recommended if flying online or talking on our TS channel) the request will continue for 20 minutes (our allowed comfort break during flights), after this time if no response is given the flight will become invalid and will not upload to the website. After the 2 hour check they repeat at approx every hour, they will not occur on finals, as your workload is high enough on this phase of the flight.

The new system can be used on both networks IVAO and VATSIM networks or for offline flights. The no internet connection mode cannot be used on tours at present, and skytrack cannot be used at all for the flying club pireps. However 1.1 has been tested with users of the Prepar3D and Xplane flight simulators and have proven to work well.

From today you will notice 'file manual pirep' has been replaced with 'Import Pirep'. The old Skytrack version can continue to be used for a period of time, to give time for pilots to upgrade. We would also like to thank Chris & Ross for all their contributions to this version of Skytrack. In addition to this we also thank all the beta testers who tested the system and helped find the bugs.

Quick note to all pilots who use the file PIREP option on the site. You'll need to remember to start recording Skytrack at the start of every flight otherwise there's no other way of claiming your hours!

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

CEO - Pete Gill
Email: pete.gill[at]flyuk.aero
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