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Scheduled Downtime


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Scheduled Downtime - Tuesday, 8th October


We have been informed by the company that hosts Fly UK that they will be performing essential maintenance to their servers on Tuesday, 8th October between 0500 - 0900. (0400 - 0800 zulu)


During this time I feel it would be beneficial to ease load on our server by shutting our website down during this period. During maintenance members will experience connectivity issues whilst trying to access our website; but most importantly SkyTrack will also experience these issues whilst updating the server with position reports. As a result of this SkyTrack will not be able to communicate with the server in order to file a pirep successfully.


A webpage that will be displayed when the website is put offline has been prepared.


The website will automatically resume normal operations at 9 AM. Please allow a few hours after this for services to resume completely.



We will be unable to accept online connections from SkyTrack during this period. However you will still be able to fly by selecting 'No Internet Flight' and uploading your pirep when our website returns. We will not be filing manual pireps for any members as a result of not following this procedure.


Thanks for your co-operation,

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ross Queripel - Web & Systems
Email: ross.queripel[at]flyuk.aero

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