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SkyTrack 1.3 - Update Now!


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SkyTrack 1.3 - Update Now


After numerous months of hard work we are pleased to announce that SkyTrack is now available in our latest version 1.3. Please take a look below at new features SkyTrack has to offer.


Added Features

  • Flying Club Support - Regular FC flights, tour flights as well as touch and go's are now supported.
  • SimConnect support added for improved compatibility with FSX (if available)
  • Optional simulator time sync feature (see Tools -> Options)

Updated Features

  • Improved functionality for sand bagging checks.


As well as these new features we have also made a lot of fixes to previous bugs. We would like to thank Chris Spencer for his continued dedication into the development of SkyTrack.


Download SkyTrack 1.3 (7.5MB)



--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chris Spencer - SkyTrack Developer
Email: chris.spencer@flyuk.aero


Ross Queripel - Web & Systems

Email: ross.queripel@flyuk.aero

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