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IVAO UK 2014 Tours


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IVAO UK 2014 Tours

The IVAO UK 2014 Tours have now been released!

With the IVAO 2014 European IFR Tour, fly around the UK and Europe visiting challenging destinations with intriguing approaches of all kinds. 


What to expect?
- Heathrow
Gran Canaria
- Humberside
- Innsbruck (of course!)

With the IVAO 2014 IFR Cargo Tour, you'll be flying within the UK, Europe and the USA. Are you ready to haul cargo over 18,000?

Where does this tour lead?
- Farnbourgh
- Atlanta
- Calgary
- Memphis

Fly the IVAO 2014 European IFR Tour
Fly the IVAO 2014 IFR Cargo Tour

The IVAO 2013 tours have now been placed on the "Retiring" tab of the tours section and on Monday, 7th April 2014 the IVAO 2013 tours will be placed inactive.


--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Operations Assistant - Craig Tyler
Email: craig.tyler[at]flyuk.aero

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