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Latest News & Updates for Members - September


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Dear Members,


Despite a bit of a wash-out summer here in the UK, we hope you have enjoyed exploring our summer destinations! This month we featured the Caribbean in our screenshot competition, featured destination & IVAO weekly event series. Hopefully this was an interesting sunshine twist. We still have plenty planned for the winter months of 2010 so be sure to keep an eye out. Major projects include the new flight logging software, winter schedules, fleet changes & much more.


August was also an active month here at Fly UK. We had 397 unique pilots who filed a total of 2367 pireps throughout August. We received 1742 mainstream pireps, 736 tour pireps, 102 flying club pireps and 211 FSP pireps. 35 pilots completed tours in August.






- Skyways Magazine Summer 2010 > Get Involved with Skyways




Earlier this month we released our Summer 2010 edition of Skyways Magazine, our regular update to our community packed with interesting articles. Written by members for members, Skyways is always an interesting read.


If you haven't already, be sure to read this latest edition of Skyways here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/downloads/skyways...-2010-VOL10.pdf


Skyways is full of articles by members about interesting things relating to virtual & real world aviation, our hobby and much more. We are always looking for members to help us out. If you have anything you could contribute please email us at: marketing.department[at]flyuk.aero


Here are just a few ideas: A news item from the flight sim world, a real world aviation event you'd like to write about, a recent flight report (virtual or real), screenshots, letters about your time at Fly UK, any questions to the staff or other members, hardware/software support, software reviews or anything you feel might be relevant - please don't be shy!



- Summer Sim 2010 - Cosford - Report




Over the weekend Fly UK exhibited at the Astra Sim, Summer Sim 2010 flight simulator show at RAF Cosford. We are pleased to report that the event was a huge success attracting over 3000 visitors throughout.


There was a lot of interest at the Fly UK stand and we recruited many new members. We would like to thank all the Fly UK members that joined us over the weekend, it was great to see people from the community having fun & spreading the word about our hobby.


For photo's and more information on the event please read the PR here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=587



- Staff Team Changes


We are continually aiming to improve the way Fly UK is run to ensure we provide the very best service to our members. To this extent we have made a few small changes to the structure of our staff team.


Firstly, instead of having a Vice-CEO to assist CEO Chris Sutcliffe in overseeing the running of the Virtual Airline, we now have two Assistant CEOs (ACEOs) - Jeffrey Shen & Tom Hurrell. We hope that the three of us will be better able to manage the Virtual Airline now allowing us to share our time equally to ensure all areas of the VA are being looked after.


Secondly, we would like to offer a warm welcome to the following 5 Fly UK members who have joined the Fly UK staff team in the listed positions. These members will be undergoing a one month probation period and we wish them good luck as they settle in to their various roles.


UKV1390 - Pete Gill - Aircraft Downloads

UKV1462 - Jamie Taylor - Marketing

UKV1949 - Matt Palmer - Operations

UKV1223 - Jason Pijnaker - Operations

UKV2054 - Spiro Katerelos - VATSIM Online Operations


If you are interested in joining the Fly UK Staff Team, you may be interested in our vacancy below.


Finally we would like to say goodbye to Stuart McIntyre who has decided to step-down from the team due to time constraints involved with his current job. We thank Stuart for the work he has put in to help Wygene in the VATSIM Online Operations department. Stuart will be remaining a pilot with us & we hope to see him at events in the future!



- Fleet Repainter Vacancy


Position: Aircraft Repainter

Closing Date: No specified closing date


In this position, you will work to ensure we have quality, up to date Fly UK repaints available for a wide selection of FS2004/FSX freeware/payware aircraft. You will need to have the knowledge and skills to be able to paint the Fly UK Union Spirit livery to a high standard on various FS2004/FSX aircraft. Please include examples of any previous repaint work and which versions of flight sim you have in your application. Our current repaint to do list include various IVAO MTL aircraft, default FSX B737-800, default FSX B747-400, feelThere/Wilco EjetsE170, feelThere/Wilco A320, PMDG MD-11F and PSS Dash8-Q400.


To apply for this position, or to ask any further questions:


Send an email application to - staff.recruitment[at]flyuk.aero


Please include your name, UKV number (if applicable), age, location, why you wish to apply for this position and any previous experience.


General information about management careers at Fly UK can be found here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=management_careers



- vRAF Contract Extended




After recent negotiations we are pleased to inform all members that our contracts with vRAF have been extended. Our current vRAF operations will continue as normal until 6th May 2011. The talks with vRAF were very successful and there is a possibility that new contracts will be heading our way in the next few months.


The following operations will continue as normal until 6th May 2011:


- Weekly Falklands Supply Air Bridge

- Weekly Cyprus Transport Air Bridge

- Weekly Operation Herrick Support


All flights are operated by our quick change Boeing 767-300 G-FLDM which holds 196 passengers and the remaining payload cargo. The aircraft can also be changed to fit scheduling demands on full passenger services within our network.



- New FSX B747-400, F-100 & Other Updates


We are pleased to announce the release of the Fly UK B747-400 and F-100 freeware aircraft download packages for FSX! In addition to these two new packages, we have also updated the FLY2 B737-700 for FSX.


Many thanks to Pete Gill, our new aircraft downloads manager who has put these aircraft packages together.


We now have a freeware FSX aircraft download package available for every aircraft type in the Fly UK fleet apart from the MD-11F. Pete is currently working through each of our existing freeware FSX aircraft download packages and looking at what we can do to improve them. We are looking to add virtual cockpits, improve panels and tweak flight dynamics in aircraft.cfg files where possible. We hope to release more updated FSX freeware packages in the coming weeks.


You can download the new aircraft download packages using the links in the following PR: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=588



- Major Fleet Update




We recently announced some major changes within our Fly UK fleet structure. We have placed significant orders to allow our expansive route development to continue. Furthermore we have made plans to retire a few of our aircraft from our fleet. Please find a brief summary of the changes below:


Retiring Aircraft:

- Dash8 Q400 (All 3 leaving service 1st Nov 2010)

- Airbus A330 (Both aircraft leaving service 1st Nov 2010)

- Fokker100 (All 3 leaving service 1st May 2011)


New Orders:

6x Embraer 195

5x Boeing 747-400

5x Airbus A340-300

5x Boeing 787-800

4x ATR72-500


For more information & explanation about the changes to our fleet & where the new aircraft will operate, please read the full PR here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=586



- New Training Academy Courses


We have recently added two new courses to our Training Academy system. FSX Multiplayer Assistance and Starting Cold & Dark - Fly UK Freeware Aircraft. These courses can now be booked using the Training Academy system as normal.


For more information on the new courses, read the full PR here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=581



- September Online Events




Do you fly online? Then we'd like to invite you to join us on our many events throughout the month of September. There are 2 events in particular that we would like to draw your attention to:


- VATSIM-UK Openskies


We're pleased to finally announce our slots in this mega-event being held on Sunday 26th September. Openskies United Kingdom is one of the largest events ever to be attempted on VATSIM, with over 500 flights being condensed into two hours of non-stop fun! The official Fly UK flights are below:


Openskies First Flight

Openskies Second Flight


Make sure you follow the booking instructions provided on the events pages; it is a little more complicated than the average event. Once our own slots are filled, feel free to take other slots flown by other airlines.


- IVAO Finland Event


We've teamed up with IVAO Finland and will be flying into Helsinki for their "Helsinki Real Time" event on Saturday 25th September. We will be flying from Edinburgh at 1330z. We hope to see many members joining us for this rather early kick start for Winter operations! Full ATC will be provided in Finland by the IVAO Finland controllers & with many other virtual airlines and IVAO members joining this event it is bound to be an enjoyable & busy event!



In addition to these events we do of course have our usual line up of regular events including a flying club event, our weekly IVAO events and the VATSIM Northern Skies Tour (full details below). Please note that the Running Standings topic for Northern Skies has been updated to include all pilots who have flown in the event so far.


IVAO Events (note new days and times for weekly event!)


Weekly Events:

- Sun 12th September - 1200z - Tangier to Algiers

- Sun 19th September - 1700z - Algiers to Tunis

- Sun 26th September - 1700z - Tunis to Tripoli

Other Events:

- Tue 14th September - 1830z - Geneva to Malaga

- Sat 25th September - 1330z - Edinburgh to Helsinki




Northern Skies:

- Sun 5th September - 0930z - Dublin to Belfast - Leg IV

- Sat 18th September - 1700z - Belfast to Reykjavik - Leg V

- Sat 25th September - 0930z - Reykjavik to Oslo - Leg VI

Other Events:

- Sunday 26th September - 1700z - Birmingham to Manchester - Openskies First Flight

- Sunday 26th September - 1830z - Manchester to Edinburgh - Openskies Second Flight


Flying Club Events:


- Fri 17th September - 1830z - Flying Club North to Alaska - FSX



- New to Online Events?


If you have never attended an online event at Fly UK before, why not give it a go this month? There are plenty to choose from. You should find all the information you need on the online events page, if not, please do not hesitate to message a member of staff, post in the forums, or come and speak to us on Teamspeak.


Remember we meet on Fly UK Teamspeak before every online event, make sure you pop on to meet the rest of the guys and say hello. It is also a great chance to ask any questions or check information prior to the event beginning!


We look forward to flying with you!





Chris Sutcliffe - CEO



Jeffrey Shen - Assistant CEO



Tom Hurrell - Assistant CEO



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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