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Fly UK Opens as an ATO!

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Fly UK Opens as an ATO!


Fly UK Virtual Airways is proud to announce that we are opening as an ATO on the VATSIM network, being the first virtual airline to do so.

The network has, for the last year, being developing a pilot training program that would enable quick but efficient training of the 50,000+ active VATSIM community. The idea was to allow VA's and ATC Divisions to open as "ATO's" who would be authorised to train pilots and award VATSIM pilot ratings. Fly UK nominated to participate in the beta of this program, which has now come to fruition. We are empowered to award the P1 Rating to pilots who complete the following course:

VATSIM - Getting Started - P1 Rating

Both new and experienced pilots are welcome to take the course. For new pilots, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to VATSIM's structures and procedures. For experienced pilots, you will be quizzed on the same material, but in a more question-answer type session. Upon successful completion of the course, the P1 Rating will be awarded to you via the vatsim.net website. You will also get the normal Fly UK Training Award as well.

The training course structure for VATSIM has now been modified to reflect this new course:

1) ATC Procedures and Phraseology > Learn the basics of ATC
2) VATSIM - Software Setup > Setup your Squawkbox or FSInn
3) VATSIM - Getting Started - P1 Rating > Learn the basics of VATSIM
4) VATSIM - Assisted Flight > Go through a whole flight with an instructor beside you

The CEO Chris Sutcliffe had this to say: "I would like to thank VATSIM for allowing us to participate in this new training initiative. We are incredibly proud to be the first virtual airline to be awarded ATO status. I hope many new and existing Fly UK pilots will take advantage of our ATO status and will book the new course which allows them to gain a rating recognised by both Fly UK and VATSIM."

A new webpage under Training Academy has been created to include information about Fly UK's ATO program:


You can book the VATSIM - Getting Started - P1 rating course and our other VATSIM online flying courses using the link below:


--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Wygene Chong - Head of VATSIM Online Operations

Chris Sutcliffe - CEO
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