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Staff Changes & Additions


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Staff Changes & Additions


Dear Fly UK Pilots and Members,

You may have seen the forum post from Lars Hansen stating that he intended to leave Fly UK as he was having a rest from flying. We therefore suggested offering him a staff advisor position as he has a wealth of flight sim knowledge and has helped many Fly UK pilots get the most out of their simulator/computer.

We are delighted as we are sure you will be, that Lars Hansen has agreed and is willing to take on this role. We are pleased to annouce that he has accepted the position of advisor, thus protecting his account number for when he is ready to start flying again and to be able to monitor and reply to cries for help with problems with flightsims and computers in our forums! I hope you will join us in wishing him well in his new role here at Fly UK.

Other changes...

Unfortunaley, Mark Dring has left the Fly UK staff team. Mark has done alot of good work for Fly UK, mainly in the Flying club with Jim. Sadly, we have had no contact with Mark during 2014, we hope he is well and wish him all the best for the future, but we need to move forward with the Fly UK flying club plans for 2015.

Finally, a very happy New Year from the Fly UK team.


--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Matthew Pate (Marketing)

Email: matthew.pate[at]flyuk.aero

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