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Training Academy goes back to the future.


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Looking back to the year 2014 I think we can say that the Training Academy had one of it's best years ever. We did 502 complete training sessions. For 2013 it was 291 sessions and in 2012 it was 198 sessions. So we saw an increase of aprox 35%!

In the last Staff meeting we had with the TA, we all discussed the current program. We concluded that the current program we have is out of date, documentation is not always uniform and out of date too. There are also courses for aircraft we don't even have in our fleet anymore, for some of them we didn't do one training at all. All of these trainings will soon disappear from the Training Academy.

The new Training Academy Courses are planned to be released sometime this year. When we are almost close to release date we will come back to you with explanation about the new Training Courses. So keep an eye on this space.

Peter Faase - Head of Training Academy
Email: peter.faase[at]flyuk.aero

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