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Change of CEO

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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From Pete Gill:


To all,

I have decided that I am currently unable to maintain my role as CEO of Fly UK. Many of you know I have had some health issues and the last six months have been a real challenge. Unfortunately I think I may have another six months of treatment to go and hence my decision to stand down from my role.

Some of you will have not noticed, but the more observant will be aware that I have not really been around as usual over the last few months. I will however remain as Deputy CEO and my passion for Fly UK will continue.

I am delighted that Richard Jones (UKV1412) has agreed to take the position behind the big yoke we use to drive Fly UK: Richard has my full support and that of the rest of the Executive Team. I hope you will all offer the same.

My time at the helm has been amazing, Fly UK has by far the best community in the VA world. The Staff I have worked with have been awesome and I do hope they all know how grateful I am for their efforts.

I am confident the new structure will only reinforce Fly UK's position as "The biggest completely virtual airline" there is.

Thank you all.

Very best

Deputy CEO



From Richard Jones:


First I am sure all members will be sorry to hear the news above and join with me in wishing Pete all the best for a speedy and full recovery.  I am delighted he will still be staying on as Deputy CEO so the Staff can benefit from his wide experience.


Some of you may also not be aware that both our Chairman (Chris Sutcliffe) and Vice-Chairman (Adam Hiller) have new jobs this year.  Congratulations to them both. But I’m sure you will understand this has limited the time they can spend on Fly UK duties.


Despite the circumstances above I was very pleased to be offered the role of CEO and delighted to accept this challenge – albeit with some trepidation!  Some of you may know me as a previous Events Manager and I am a regular pilot on our Saturday morning IVAO event flights.  I also regularly attend the Gatwick Flight Sim Group.


Over the next few weeks I will be reading myself into the role and engaging with our hard-working Staff to flesh out some ideas for making this great VA even better.  I will not go into details at the moment but some of the options being actively considered include 1 (maybe 2) new bases next year and some new aircraft.  We also have some ‘back-office’ software upgrades being planned so the Staff can work more efficiently. 


My overall aim as we move forward will be to preserve the strengths and maintain the character of Fly UK which clearly makes it so popular: a friendly and fun VA with the right balance of realism. I will keep you all informed as these plans are matured and look forward to hearing from you – by message/mail, on the forum, on TeamSpeak, or for any in the South East at the Gatwick FS group.


Happy flying

Richard Jones




For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Chris Sutcliffe - Founder/Chariman
Adam Hillier - Vice Chairman
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