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Flight Sim Policy and Fleet Update

UKV1412 - Richard Jones

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Our Fleet Painter, Steve Trueman UKV1145, has been busy and revised liveries and downloads for our cargo fleet (B752F, B747F and MD-11F) are now available reflecting our current ‘New Union Spirit’ paint scheme. These are available for FSX and FS2004 and can be found here: https://flyuk.aero/e...MD11F&div=Cargo and https://flyuk.aero/e...B744F&div=Cargo and 
https://flyuk.aero/e...B752F&div=Cargo. This should reassure MD-11F fans that although we plan to acquire a couple of B777Fs this summer, the MD-11 will remain in service for a good while yet.


FS2004 is now 13 years old and it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify producing and testing repaints and downloads for the decreasing proportion of members who use it.  According to our last member survey (now 2 years ago) only 100 members were using FS2004.  With the increased use of Prepar3D (P3D) and X-Plane this figure is probably considerably lower.  Also many of our members enjoy using the latest quality payware and all the major developers have stopped producing add-ons for FS2004.  As a result, we will not be producing any freeware models or repaints for FS2004 for any future changes to the fleet.  However we will continue to host our current FS2004 freeware models and repaints for the foreseeable future.


Turning to other flight sims, we will continue to increase our support for X-Plane users where possible, although the basis of any fleet changes will be centred around FSX/FSX:SE which is used by the majority of our members.  We are also able to announce that, in line with other VAs, we are now able to support LM P3D.  I’m sure many members will be pleased with this news.  However, as many of you are aware, the EULA for P3D is the subject of much discussion in the flight sim community and Fly UK as an organisation will not be held liable for any EULA breach by members who choose to use it.  Our current downloads appear to work in P3D and for any future fleet changes we will check P3D compatibility where possible.   


Changes to the website and Pilot Handbook reflecting the above changes will be made over the coming weeks.  New sections dedicated to P3D and X-Plane have already been set up in the forum.


We will continue to review this policy in the light of updates to flight sims, the expected arrival of the new flight sim from Dovetail Games later this year and our member usage.


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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Richard Jones


Email: richard.jones[at]flyuk.aero

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