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New FLY2 Base and return of Formula 1 charter

UKV1412 - Richard Jones

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Our new FLY2 summer base goes live in Palma and Formula 1 charter flights return from 0000z 30 May


We are pleased to announce some exciting operational changes which come into effect overnight tonight (0000z 30 May).  These changes are:  


  • FLY2 summer base. We now have 3 B737-700 based in Palma, Majorca, one of Europe’s top holiday hotspots, for the summer. Palma is already served from our current 3 UK FLY2 bases, but our new schedule will fly holidaymakers to and from an extra 19 destinations across Northern Europe.  Members will be pleased to see that this offers an increased number of shorter flights as most are of 2 – 2½ hours duration with some as short as 1¼ hours. Almost half of the destinations are in Germany, reflecting real world traffic, and the destinations are:
    • Germany: Dusseldorf, Koln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Nurnberg and Bremen
    • Elsewhere: Newcastle, Bristol, East Midlands, Zurich, Basel, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, and Dublin. 

  • We have also taken the opportunity to revise the remainder of our FLY2 schedules, following member feedback, to improve the aircraft choice and days of operation although the destination list remains unchanged.  We have achieved this by changing operational days for Leeds-Bradford (so MWFSu become TuThSa and vice versa) and moving the B752s out of Liverpool and replacing with B737s.  The benefit of these changes are that:
    • Members should no longer be ‘stranded’ as each destination has at least 1 flight daily to and from the UK.
    • Members will have an increased choice of aircraft. No destinations are B752 only; only 13 of 33 destinations are B737 only; and 16 are now served by both aircraft types. 
    • One route needed to be amended, which has the benefit of introducing a new challenge: Skiathos – Liverpool.  A B737 is unable to operate from Skiathos (the ‘St Maarten’ of Europe) with sufficient fuel to reach the UK so now makes a fuelling stop at Thessaloniki.     

  • By popular request, and marking the return of David Campbell to the Staff as Charter Ops Manager, the Formula 1 charter flights have been resumed for the remainder of the season using both the MD11-F and B744F aircraft.

Feedback is always welcome (forum link https://flyuk.aero/forums/forum/23-fly2-our-leisure-brand/) as we are considering a review of FLY2 services later this year.




--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Richard Jones


Email: richard.jones[at]flyuk.aero or operations[at]flyuk.aero

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