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Latest News & Updates for Members - February

UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth

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Dear Members,

Once again, thank you for continuing to fly with us.
The past month was good in terms activity at Fly UK. An average of 395 unique pilots per week filed a PIREP in January. We received 2,782 Mainstream PIREPs, 1,273 Tour PIREPs and 554 Flying Club PIREPs. Membership numbers currently stand at 1,117

Staff Changes
Welcome back to Richard Jones after his break. Due to changes in his real world work load, he doesn't have the time to do the CEO role any more and so he now returns in the position of Fly UK's Publicity Manager. Richard will organise real world meet ups for members and give Fly UK presence at Exhibitions/Flight sim events in the UK.

Members Survey
Our members survey closed at the end of January and we wish to thank everyone for their contributions. We received over 400 responses and the Exec and staff teams will review these in detail before sharing the results with the community. The overwhelming positiveness of the responses shows were not doing much wrong, however some common themes and good ideas have been been noted to take forward and hopefully improve the Fly UK experience.

We're into the Ski season now, so our Winter Holiday destinations are popular. In additional to our normal mainstream schedule services to key Alpine gateways such as Geneva, Zurich, Salzburg and Innsbruck, Fly2 serve a number of additional ski destinations in the Alps as well Norway and Andorra.

Our biggest change for January comes in the renewed and extended Metroair codeshare agreement. Fly UK members can now enjoy an extended network in the USA and beyond, including many types not offered by Fly UK.

Finally we have added more Cargo schedules following the popularity of the 777LRF launch. For those wanting a challenge, this includes the possibility of a number of Polar routes.

Following the release of several new tours at the end of 2016 several further tours will be released during February 2017, which will be available for the full range of aircraft.

Charters (Ad-Hoc)
There are currently 3 aircraft (MD11 & B763) due for retirement flights which will be available during Februry 2017. Several Boeing 737-700 and Airbus 320 charter flights will also be released for February.

Flying Club
The flying club continues to hold it's Wednesday evening events. Pilots are encouraged to join on teamspeak at 19:30z every Wednesday night, details and Plan G flight plans can be found in the Flying Club section of the forums. Our February monthly fly-in will take place on Sunday 19th February 2017 at 14:30z. The event 'Spectacular Hawaii!' will take us around the Mount Kilauea Volcano; pilots are recommended to set their simulator date to August 1983 to see the best effects.

Documentation Review
Following on from the release of the updated Guide to Online Flying in December, we have now updated and relaunched it's sister document UKV_TRD_4.3_IFR_ATC_Communication. The new document reflects changes in communication protocols since it was last reviewed and examples to help pilots new to online flying understand what controllers may say and how to respond.

In a new development, we have launched a series of Checklists for our fleet. Beginning with the Airbus A320/A321, Dash 8 Q400 and Boeing 737-700/800, these PDF documents can be printed either as single-sided A4, or double-sided A5 to allow you build up a compact library. These checklists are available through the Aircraft Info & Download pages of the relevant aircraft. The availability of further checklists will be announced through these pages.

Finally in what has been a busy month, we have made a few changes to the new Pilot Handbook to reflect feedback received. As usual, this is available via the Crew Centre.

February Online Events
Events are held on IVAO, Saturday at 0700z and repeated on VATSIM, Tuesday at 1930z and Thursday at 1400z.

Week 1 Anchorage to Juneau
Week 2 Juneau to Valdez
Week 3 Kenai Municipal to Ketchikan
Week 4 Gustavus to Kenai Municipal

Please visit our online events page for more information or to register your attendance.

Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery
Congratulations to UKV3466 - Lee Tyson in the January Screenshot Competition. His winning shot "Catching the last few Rays" won him a UK2000 Xtreme scenery package. Well done!


Chris Sutcliffe - Chairman

Adam Hillier - Vice Chairman

On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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