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Members Survey results

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Once again we'd like to thank everyone who participated in our recent members survey. Over 400 responses were received which answered a lot of questions and perhaps created some new ones for the future.


Links to the survey results can be found below in XPS and PDF format. The XPS does give a better quality to read.


Overall the responses were very positive and suggests that not much is wrong with the current position of Fly UK. This is great news for the staff teams that contribute so much to the running of this community and VA. We have however taken a number of key common items and themes that came out of the results and your comments which we'll work on during 2017 to further improve the experience and satisfaction of being a members of Fly UK.


We'd welcome any comments, thoughts and questions anyone has regarding these survey results.


XPS - https://flyuk.aero/a...017 Survey.oxps


PDF -  https://flyuk.aero/a...2017 Survey.pdf


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