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Fly UK Cargo Division Update


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Fly UK Cargo Division Update

We are pleased to announce that G-FLEA, a Boeing 747-400F has returned to service with our cargo division. This gives our cargo pilots an increased choice of flights to choose from. We would also like to highlight the daily mail flights operated within the UK by our Boeing 757-200F aircraft.

The Fly UK cargo fleet now consists of 5 aircraft, all of which are based at London Stansted.

Boeing 747-400F - G-FLEA - Class C
Boeing 747-400F - G-FLEB - Class C
Boeing 757-200F - G-FLED - Class D
Boeing 757-200F - G-FLEE - Class D
McDonnell Douglas MD11-F - G-FLEF - Class B

- G-FLEA - Boeing 747-400F

We have included the routes operated by this aircraft below. Notice that most of the flights are multi-stop flights like mini tours rather than our normal scheduled flights where you would typically fly out and then return straight home.





- G-FLED - Boeing 757-200F - UK Mail Flights

Fly UK hold a contract with Royal Mail to operate daily mail flights to quickly transport mail around the country. The flights operate as follows:



To book flights or for further informatiom, please visit the Fly UK Cargo Division page.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Robert Allen - Head of Operations

Jason Pijnaker - Operations

Matt Palmer - Operations
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