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Latest News & Updates for Members - July

UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth

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Dear Members,

Once again, thank you for continuing to fly with us.
The past months activity at Fly UK had an average of 317 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in June. We received 2,053 Mainstream PIREPs, 866 Tour PIREPs and 672 Flying Club PIREPs. Membership numbers currently stand at 1080

Richard Jones is standing down from his staff role. As you know he was our CEO for a while, but then work got in the way as he changed jobs and he tried to continue in a less demanding role, but work still prevents him from doing as much as he would like so he has decided just to fly. We thank him for all his time and efforts to date.
Adam Hillier is also finding that he has no time to help in the exec team due to his aviation career taking all his time. So he too has decided to take a back seat for a while, but I guess he will always be close to Fly UK. Thanks Adam.
Not much to report from the Operations team currently, however we are very busy behind the scenes. We've added the Fly UK Union spirit livery download for the X-Plane 737-800 to the downloads page. Heading towards late July we'll prepare to receive our leased A330's for the Fly2 fleet, more news on that to follow.

Work has been steady in the past month preparing two more tours which will be released in July.  The Goodwood to Darwin Tour will be retired, although it will still be available from the retirement tab until 1 September 2017.  Expect the new tours early July.
We have produced a step-by-step guide to the installation and configuration of the components required to fly with live ATC on our FSD server. Our online events are becoming ever more popular, so this guide is designed to guide you through the required setup process. You can find links to the document under:
Training Academy > Courses & Documents >Online Flying
Online Flying & Events > Online Flying > Fly UK FSD
Charters (Ad-Hoc)
We are in the final stages of agreeing a contract that will see two of our Boeing 737-700 aircraft utilised in America, complimenting our codeshare partners.  Our Airbus may well be carrying out some trial flights, more will be revealed soon.
Flying Club
The flying club staff are working on a major new venture which will become available in the Autumn.  More clues and updates next month...

Wednesday Evening Flying Club Flights
Wed 05 July 2017 Canada CYDC to CYBB
Wed 12 July 2017 Hawaii PHTO to PHMK
Wed 19 July 2017 USA & Canada S23 to ID19
Wed 26 July 2017 Germany & Denmark EDDH to EKRD
Online Events:
Events are held on IVAO, Saturday at 0600z and repeated on VATSIM, Tuesday at 1830z and Thursday at 1300z.
Week 1 Seoul to Shizuoka
Week 2 Istanbul to Reggio Calabria
Week 3 Palermo to Lyon
Week 4 Shanghai to Kai Tak
Week 5 Montreal to Washington
View Event Page
Please visit our online events page for more information or to register your attendance.

Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery
Congratulations to UKV3411 - Dmitriy Kozyrev in the June Screenshot Competition. His winning shot was "Twins" Well done!

The theme for the July Screenshot Competition is " Norway & Scandinavia". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:

July Competition - Norway & Scandinavia


Derek Butterworth - Buisness Support Director

Matthew Lewis- Operations Director

On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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