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One year anniversary Nordic Sky

Guest UKV2982 -

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Guest UKV2982 -

Today marks the first anniversary of the Nordic Sky franchise. So I thought it would be appropriate to give you all a small peek into the journey of Nordic Sky, from brainstorming to 1 year of service.


- Summer 2015: Me and a friend were thinking about making making our own VA back-end system as our graduation project. When thinking about a VA idea to present it, I came up with a regional Norwegian VA, doing Dash-8 and jet flights to and from Norway. The name Nordic Sky was born. My friend didn't agree with the VA idea and things died down.


- Winter 2015-2016: After rethinking the idea, I decided to pitch the idea to Richard Jones, the Fly UK CEO at that time, as a franchise for Fly UK.


- March 2016: The Nordic Sky project is on track at Fly UK, after much rethinking on the scheduling and Steve Trueman working on the livery and logo. The jets are dropped and the schedule is simplified to Bergen as a hub and 4 Dash-8's flying out into Norway.


- April - June 2016: The scheduling is finished and so is the livery, everything is getting ready for the release.


- 19th of July 2016: After some hectic last minute work, everything is ready and Nordic Sky is released into the public. 


- November 2016: The first schedule update of Nordic Sky. A lot of lessons were learned in the past months. The first schedule rationalization happened in Bergen and we introduced a new hub (Tromso) and a new airframe (Dornier Do-228). 


- April 2017: The second schedule update. And once again there were more new things for you to enjoy. We added another airframe, the Boeing 717, and a new mini hub in Bodo for the Dornier. To support this, Nordic acquired some extra Dorniers and Q400's.


- 19th of July 2017: Nordic's 1 year anniversary.


So there you got a small look into the past and what it took to create Nordic from scratch. But it wouldn't be a real celebration without some news or a little event would it? That is why I want to give you guys a small look into the future of Nordic as well.


The next schedule update, this winter, Nordic will provide full coverage of yet another Scandinavian country. Because this winter we are opening up 2 new bases of flight. One in a beautiful coastal city, which is made up of many different small islands named Stockholm, the other is also in a coastal city named Gothenburg. Together these 2 new cities will provide full coverage of Sweden. 


Furthermore we would like to invite all of you, to make a little flight with on the Nordic schedule, take a screenshot and enter into this months screenshot competion which is themed Norway & Scandinavia. The lucky winner gets a free UK2000 scenery. So what are you waiting for?


Lastly on a more personal note, I would love to thank all members, who have flown Nordic and those that have provided feedback. I hope you will enjoy the future of Nordic Sky!


--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Kevin Peeters - Nordic Sky franchise manager
Email: kevin.peeters[at]flyuk.aero

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