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Latest News & Updates for Members - December

UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth

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Dear Members,
We have moved to a new server during the last few weeks of November; this will allow new features and give us better service levels going forward. A new map showing more detail of Fly UK flights in progress will be on the website soon.

The past month's activity at Fly UK had an average of 365 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in November. We received 1,823 Mainstream PIREPs, 947 Tour PIREPs and 411 Flying Club PIREPs. Membership numbers currently stand at 1,103

Staff News

Jordan Brooker has been removed from the staff list, as we have lost contact with him; he has not been seen on the website since August.


Fly 2 is now on its Winter schedule. Running until the end of April, the holiday market focus switches from the Mediterranean to the slopes, seeing many of our most popular winter destinations such as Innsbruck and Chambery returning. Sun worshippers are not left out however with the traditional Winter Sun destinations in the Canary Islands and Africa. Our A330 fleet carries long haul customers to the Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand and for the first time to Goa.

No fleet changes this month. Three of our of 757 fleet will return once again to support the Canadian peak holiday season operating wet lease flights from Montreal, these flights will commence 1st December until mid-April.

Two new tours have been added for Christmas. As is our tradition, these tours are open to all pilots who may fly any Fly UK airframe including flying Club aircraft. The main tour is a Christmas Markets tour around Europe and the second tour, well... that's for you to work out. It does have a Christmas Tour link, but what is it? The staff team gave up and to date nobody has been able to find the link. The answer will be posted on Christmas Day in the forums. These tours will be available until the end of February 2018.

Two new tours are currently being prepared for release in January 2018. The tour team will endeavor to release 1-2 new tours every month during 2018, this will however mean that some of our older tours will be retired. Due notice will be afforded (approx 3 months).

We are keen to hear ideas and whilst we may not answer every thread, we do note what is posted in the forum, so please keep them coming. There will be a short to medium range cargo tour and a NATO tour released early 2018.


The Fly UK shop has been released, www.zazzle.co.uk/flyukvirtualairways. Here you can find our 2018 calendar, as well as some other Fly UK merchandise. The shop is still in the very early stages but we expect more products to be added in due course.

Charters (Ad-Hoc)
There are numerous flights planned for December and yes, Rovaniemi airport will feature strongly. A few daily return flights will become a regular feature, to Liverpool from London and Scotland to facilitate pilots, as we base most of our tour flights from Liverpool.

Whilst we do not answer every post we are constantly monitoring the forums for ideas. So please post any ideas that you have and you may find your flight featured in the coming months.

Flying Club
We are currently gathering data on the most common GA in use, to try to come up with a vmr for the GA side and a Flying Club paint scheme.
We also have a new tour to go live on 1 December for the Christmas period.
Wednesday Evening Flying Club Flights
6 Dec Austria LOAN to LIPD
13 Dec Papua New Guinea AYNK to AYKK
20 Dec UK Edinburgh to Connaught
27 Dec Christmas Fun ( Small circular event around Rovaniemi)

Online Events:
Events are currently held on FSD, Saturday at 0700z and repeated on VATSIM, Tuesday at 1930z and Thursday at 1400z.
Remember online events have no Rank restrictions, so it's a chance to fly different airframes

Week 1 Maastrich to London City
Week 2 Miami to Jamaica
Week 3 Flight following Father Christmas - Helsinki to Trondheim.
Week 4 Dusseldorf to Innsbruck

Week 5 Auckland to Queenstown

View Event Page

Please visit our online events page for more information or to register your attendance.

Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery
Congratulations to UKV3686 - Mark Gibbons in the November Screenshot Competition. His winning shot was "Mother nature treats Fly2 passengers and crew" Well done!
The theme for the December Screenshot Competition is "Winter Wonderland". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:

December Competition -
Winter Wonderland

Lastly, may we wish all our pilots and staff a Merry Christmas, hope you all get the goodies you wish for.

See you in 2018.


Derek Butterworth - Business Support Director

Matthew Lewis- Operations Director

On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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