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Live dispatcher event

Guest UKV2982 -

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Guest UKV2982 -

Hi all,

Have you ever wanted to be dispatched live by our VA, or do you just want to hang out and fly random routes with Fly UK staff and other members?

Worry no longer, as Saturday the 23rd of June at 16:00 zulu we will be having our first Live dispatcher event on Discord and Teamspeak.

For our first session UKV2982 – Kevin Peeters will be the dispatcher.


What is a live dispatcher event?
During a live dispatcher event, a designated member of staff or the community will be the dispatcher. You will request your flight from them, the designated volunteer will then find a flight for you depending on which aircraft you wish or can fly, your rank and preferences. You book the flight through the normal system but the dispatcher will provide all the numbers for you! So route, passengers, luggage or cargo, fuel and gates will be provided by the dispatcher. You then fly the flight as normal and file a pirep as normal, after your flight you can provide a more detail flight log to the dispatcher but this is optional.


Do I need to fly online?
No, you can fly however you want. You don’t have to fly this on Vatsim, IVAO or the FSD server. You are free to do so if you want but a normal offline flight is just as valid. You do have to be on Teamspeak or Discord, the dispatcher will be on both channels for this first event, depending on how this goes this could be repeated or changed in future events, if following 2 communication channels turns out to be too difficult.


How do I request a flight from the dispatcher?
You can do this via text or voice chat, the following template should be followed to give the dispatcher enough information to give you a suitable flight:

Pilot ID:
Available aircraft: (please, differentiate between cargo, mainstream and franchise frames if you want more specific flights)
Max flight time:

You can include more information here, like preferred flight type such as Cargo/Franchise/Long haul/Domestic/…


How will I know which flight to fly?
Once the dispatcher has received all your information he will find a flight for you, this could take 5 to 10 minutes depending on how busy it is, so please be patient. Once he has found it, he will give you the flight information with a PFPX flightplan. This will include following information:

Flight number
Cargo (bags or cargo)
Departure time
Departure gate
Gate to gate time

If flying offline a SID, STAR and runways depending on real world weather could be provided as well please ask for this in the request.



If this is received well by you all, we might even make this a more frequent event!

Hope to see you there!

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