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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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I would like to take opportunity to remind all our members that use the Fly UK Discord channel of the rules which apply to its use and conduct when using it. The below rules are clearly noted in the tutorial rules channel of Discord.


·        - No swearing in text chat

·        - Be respectful

·        - Any racist or derogatory behaviour will result in an immediate ban

·        - No spamming (i.e repeated messages, duplicates of forum posts etc)

·         - If your Fly UK account gets deleted due to inactivity you will be removed from our Discord server

These are in addition to our standard conduct policy’s detail in the Members Handbook which note that all members should observe the same rules regarding general behaviour as for our Forums (Section 8.2) and for our TeamSpeak server (see Section 8.3).

Further to some recent unease on the Discord platform, its use will be under further review and a period of tighter moderation placed upon it.

It is a feature we wish to retain and our members embrace alongside our core forums, however we do expect members to use it in consideration of the rules and expectations.


Matthew Lewis- Operations Director

On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team.

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