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Rank free weekend - Cosford 2019

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Cosford Flightsim show is this weekend and we are looking forward to meeting many members, but we're very aware not all our members can be there with a 900 plus strong community. So we'd like to give you a final anniversary treat for 2019 and celebrate the weekend with a free type weekend.
So what can you fly and where?

Scheduled services - Any member regardless of rank will be able to fly any aircraft from the Fly UK mainstream fleet, on any Fly UK route.
Franchise services - Any franchise type can be flown on any route within that franchise's operating schedule.
Flying Club - Weight limits for GA aircraft are lifted for the weekend. Biz Jet and classic airliners can also be flown as Flying club flights. Refer to the Flying club page for how to do this if not familiar.
Tours will remain locked to their usual ranks and exemption will not apply to this weekend. 

Restrictions will be lifted 00:00z on Saturday 5th October through to 23:59z Sunday 6th.

We hope you enjoy 
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