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Operations team update

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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We recently advertised operations role vacancies and you did not disappoint! Perhaps the largest number of applications we've seen for a single role with some exceptional candidates and a clear passion for Fly UK from all who applied. Thank you to all who took the time out, sadly only a limited number of places were available.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to three new members to the Operations team.
Cargo Operations - UKV3411 Dmitriy Kozyrev  
An existing staff member, our X-Plane Painter and sometimes Scenery designer adds Cargo Operations to his remit. A long-time supporter and passionate Cargo ops fan, Dmitriy will pick up on the progress made by his predecessor and continue to evolve the cargo division into a unique segment of the VA using his extensive RW cargo ops knowledge.
Highland Connect - UKV1781 Richard Greer  
A long serving and active community member with a passion for fly UK and for flying around his native Scotland both in sim and real life, Richard brings true local operations knowledge to our oldest franchise as it looks to the future. Richard will be taking charge of Highland Connect initially and expanding into Nordic Sky working alongside Katrina as it expands in 2020. 
Southern Mainline hubs and Fly2 - UKV1170 Stephen Ellis 
A name many of you may recognise having set-up another well known UK Virtual Airline with a history that pre-dates Fly UK. Having stepped down from said VA a few years ago, Stephen joined Fly UK , quickly rising to Class A captain rank and embraces the Fly UK vision.  With extensive operational and VA experience Stephen will be more than capable to fulfil his role looking after some of our largest hubs as well as the Fly2 Holiday division.
We welcome our new staff family members and congratulate them on their success.
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