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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Dear all

Please can all forum users ensure their signatures comply with the currently Fly UK policy as detailed in the pilot handbook section 8.2 and copied for direct reference below.




In order to keep the forum readable, also at lower screen resolutions and with slower internet connection, members are allowed:•One image in their forum signature -no larger than 500 x 150 pixels (preferably Fly UK status signature)•Up to 3 forum user bars (no larger than 350 x 25 pixels peruser bar)


This is to ensure all users have seamless forum experience across all types of device. Forum user bars is a little old fashioned so Fly UK status signature and a single line of Fly UK award/achievement badges is acceptable. Please review your signature and amend accordingly to what suits you over the next week, after which forum admin's will remove non compliant signatures.

We understand and appreciate many members like to display their associations and achievements which is encourage but within the current guidance. We will be looking at how we accommodate these desires in pilot profiles in the future.

Thanks in advance.

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