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New to online flying, need some help?

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Have you ever had a desire to start on-line flying....but the on-line world of VATSIM feels like an intimidating place you've not felt able to take on yet? Well now is your chance to take part in a beginners only event with full Fly UK training academy support.

VATSIM Scandinavia are hosting a First Wing event this Sunday 17th Nov from 17:00z to 21:00z. During this time ATC cover will be provided in the Scandinavian region for beginners only. An ideal opportunity to be amongst the support of controllers able to walk you through whilst being in the skies with other virtual pilots in the same position as you.

Furthermore, Fly UK's Training Academy and On-line team are here to support in the lead-up to the event and on the day, so you can take to the skies with pre event support and a friendly Fly UK voice and co-pilot during the event.
Getting Ready Session - 14th November.
We will host a Q&A drop in session on our Teamspeak channel this Thursday 14th Nov from 18:30z for the evening where members can drop in and ask questions on any on-line matter from setting your VATSIM account, PC set-up, getting on-line all the way up to basic ATC procedures. No question is too small, we are here to support.

Main Event - 17th November.
During the event Fly UK will have training staff available on Teamspeak, supporting you as virtual co-pilots and guiding you on the way, ready to answer any questions. 
Fly UK members wishing to follow a pre-described route and add Fly UK hours, or fly any VA aircraft they confident in can fly our nominated event route between Helsinki and Oslo. This is a 1 hour 45 minute flight giving enough time in cruise to discuss departure and prepare for arrival. To book the event and flight Click here.
Alternately you can fly your own choice of our Nordic routes in the region with the Nordic fleet.

This is the perfect occasion to start flying on-line...if you have wanted to make the leap but need a helping hand, do not miss it. 

VATSIM Event detail - https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=80318

Fly UK Event /  route detail - https://flyuk.aero/online-events/vatsim-first-wing-for-beginners-only

Note from Vatsim for experienced on-line flyers - Note: This event is focused on beginners of the VATSIM environment, so if you are a seasoned pilot we recommend and hope that you will fly somewhere else on that day in order for us to focus on the beginners to VATSIM. Thank you for your understanding.
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