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Fly UK online events - Survey results & the path ahead

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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We recently invited members to take part in a survey for on-line flying to help shape how we best cater for those of you who enjoy this aspect of flight simming. Thank you to all those who took part.

Result overview.
The staff team have been through the data and we'd like to share some of the highlights and how that influences our future direct. We appreciate that everyone may have different individual motivations to fly on-line, we are looking to cater for the majority of the Fly UK membership.


  • Do you fly on-line (including ATC networks, Fly UK FSD, multi player)
    • Yes = 44.7%
    • No = 15.4%
    • No but would like to = 39.9%
  • Are you interested in flying with other pilots in the VA more frequently
    • Yes = 40.9%
    • Maybe = 50.3%
    • No = 8.8%
  • Are you interested in learning (or using) VFR phraseology and flying General Aviation aircraft online?
    • Yes = 58.5%
    • No = 10.7%
    • Flying yes but not phraseology = 10.7%
  • Are you interested in learning (or using) IFR phraseology and flying Airliners online? (incl. FSD)
    • Yes = 85.5%
    • No = 8.2%
    • Flying yes but not phraseology = 6.3%
  • How would like to fly with other Fly UK pilots?
    • Social only, no ATC = 6.3%
    • Social with some ATC training = 8.2%
    • FSD with ATC = 4.4%
    • Online ATC platforms (VATSIM, IVAO etc) = 32.1%
    • Interested in both Social and formal ATC = 49.1%
  • Would you be more likely to fly on-line if the VA introduced other styles of training programmes to help you?
    • Yes = 73.1%
    • No = 26.9%
  • How would you rate your level of confidence and ability flying on-line with formal ATC?
    • Beginner = 32.5%
    • Intermediate = 31.4%
    • Advance = 20.8%
    • Expert = 12.7%
  • Best day of week and time to fly on-line
  • On-line Networks that interest you, and that you currently fly on


In general Fly UK members have a healthy appetite for learning to fly on-line and develop skills and knowledge going forward. We must bear in mind that of our 900+ members, the vast majority still choose to enjoy their hobby off-line and may not have opted to take part in the survey. Their is a demand for a mix of socail and full ATC events which is something we can take away and build on, potentially whilst developing a pathway to confidence and preparation for the on-line networks for those who wish to take it.

During weekdays 19:00z to 23:00z is the prime slot for on-line flying and on weekends this is more evenly spread across mid afternoon to evening.

Vatsim is the current preferred network of choice form most members but a healthy interest for the Fly UK FSD server exists.

Training was also explored and we have a number of exciting ideas and plans for 2020 to develop and deliver training to our members who wish to continue their journey to flying on-line.

The future and the path ahead for Fly UK on-line events team.

We find ourselves at crossroads with our planning, sadly Stefano Biasiotti has decided to step down from the event manager role and we thank him for his input and relentless passion for on-line flying. Events will be managed by Ron Kurz for the time being with Ross Elliot s support until such time we decide on staff requirement going forward, however the plan forward has been agreed. 

Bearing in mind 'the something for everyone' concept of the VA, alongside our community focus, we aim to cater for the existing groups of on-line flyers who's events fall outside the peak times the survey report and build onto these foundations with the learnings from the survey. Fly UK Group Events will mainly utilise the Fly UK FSD server and be supported by regular IVAO and VATSIM based flights. Basic outline for a regular weekly schedule is as follows:
Saturday:         07:00 Z      Earlybird from Airport A to Airport B          FSD
Saturday:         19:00 Z      Flight from Airport A to Airport B                FSD
Sunday:            14:00 Z      Return flight from B back to A                   IVAO
Tuesday           19:00 Z      'Tuesday-Tour-Night'                                 VATSIM
Wednesday      19:00 Z      Flying Club Event                                      FSD/TS3
Thursday          14:00 Z      'Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour' (as Tue)   IVAO
Friday:              19:00 Z      'Friday-Night-Social-Special'                                FSD/TS3
Further detail of the new group events as follows
Tuesday-Tour-Night and Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour:
Flights will follow the legs of one of our tours (mainly European based) 
Open to anyone wanting to fly in a group or challenge their flying skills, regardless of rank. Using our FSD server, with regular support of our Training Academy.
These will consist of fun and interesting flights:
-        Interesting approaches
-        Circle-to-land visual approaches
-        Missed approaches and Go-arounds
-        Fly from holding to holding
-        Props-only
-        Cargo-only
-        etc. 
-        etc. (open for any suggestions)

New event on our FSD server, fully social group flight chosen from Fly UK schedules. Opportunity to escape Saturday night reality TV hell and kick back, relax and chat with fellow Fly UK members and enjoy a flight without pressure.
For the dedicated Online-Flyers: we will keep continue to keep you informed of up and coming official VATSIM and IVAO Events which happen to coincide with one of our company routes. Of course our on-line pro's can venture out onto these networks at any point in time under the Fly UK flag.
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