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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Fly UK and Metroair have been operating in a codeshare partnership for five years now and we are pleased to confirm that is set to continue as we re-engage and re-energise our relationship.

Led by Fly UK Head of Operations Katrina Hancock, a fresh new approach to our codeshare agreement has been discussed and agreed with our Metroair colleagues. Whilst retaining a robust global network partnership the new agreement will also focus on unique aircraft types not available to pilots in each organisation. Additionally, unique and popular destinations will feature. As well as close co-operation on transatlantic routes, we will be adding more connectivity to all of Metroair's hubs and expanding the east coast codeshare network. Metroair members will also enjoy access to interesting European routes as well as those found within our franchise network. For Fly UK members, access to Metroair’s new Makai Express franchise will also allow our members to enjoy the scenic Hawaiian Islands. 

Established in 2005, Metroair follows closely on our heels by celebrating its 15th anniversary during 2020 and both VA’s have celebrated with fresh looks and fresh approaches in their anniversary years. With many things in the pipeline for both Airlines in this coming year and there is no better time to strengthen our partnership and bring both Airlines closer than ever. Thanks to both Fly UK and Metroair operations teams for their work and we hope both communities are as excited to see what these next few years will bring as we are. 

"The growth between FlyUK and Metroair is true to our mission as a company and our long-standing codeshare agreement that has been in effect for over 5 years. We're increasing the effort for a variety of travel options to exciting and beautiful destinations while maintaining a healthy partnership. Where glad as a company to be renewing our endeavours with such a great airline and looking forward to the clear sky's ahead!" – East Coast Ops Director, AJ VanMiddendorp  

"Metroair is a key component in our vision for a global network providing a structured yet flexible virtual airline operations for all Fly UK and Metroair members. I am excited to see what new opportunities the partnership brings and look forward to supporting our operations team in delivering a world class virtual airline experience across both organisations" – Fly UK CEO, Matthew Lewis




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