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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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It feels like the world is ever changing currently and in these uncertain times I see discussions and topics between members that really shows the depth and strength of the member community, and the volunteer staff team that makes Fly UK what it is. 

In troubled times such as those we all face now, this community becomes a haven of sanity or a welcome distraction for many. The Fly UK team and I are committed to supporting the whole community and give you all that slice of virtual normality and escape. We already released NOTAM GOLF this past week which stated our operations policy which in hindsight was exactly the correct thing to do. Other VA's that have followed "real world" restrictions and now face having to back track or give members very limited choice. A parked up virtual fleet serves no purpose and from my perspective with many people now staying home, you come here for a break so we'll carry on as normal as possible. 

The effects are already being seen of this unique scenario in that our current statistics are breaking records with weekday numbers reaching peak weekend levels and we've smashed our previous mainstream hours record two weekends in a row hitting 380 hours last weekend (previous high being 300). Add 43 hours to that for Flying Club and we break the 400 mark. Normally that would be something to celebrate however under the circumstance myself and the staff team will simply take satisfaction that we are providing a service our members appreciate.

Please all be concious that in a member base of over 960, there will be many impacted by the current real world events both directly and indirectly. Personally I'm now restricted to working from home (already climbing the walls), others have been ill or know people that have and many may have significant worries about what's next and the impact. Through this period however I intend to keep Fly UK a safe haven and place to escape and relax.

For those of you stuck at home, stay in touch with the Fly UK community via the forums, come hang out in the Discord live chat and voice channels. Also check out our events out as an opportunity to join other members in the air. We'll be plotting some more social flying events over the next few weeks for members to join.

Finally I urge all our staff and members to follow your relevant government advice and guideline and truly hope you all have minimal disruption to your daily lives be it health or financial. We are all here out of passion for Fly UK and its community but this must be secondary to what goes on in your real world lives, so look after yourselves, your family and your neighbours and when you want to escape into the virtual skies, we are here for you.


Best wishes from myself and the staff team
Matt Lewis
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