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Fly UK's new schedules are live!

UKV1790 - Adam Hart

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March is finally over, and with April here, Fly UK is proud to announce the introduction new routes utilizing the newest aircraft in our fleet and new hubs being added to daily schedules!


The relocated A319, now flying for TOPA Sky, has found itself expanding into Perth (YPPH). From there, the A319 will be found flying scheduled services to Melbourne, Darwin and Launceston, perfectly complimenting the already impressive schedules TOPA Sky has, including the mammoth journey from London Heathrow to Perth. 
The 737-700, now flying for Canadian airline Aurora, is now flying through the picturesque scenery of Canada, flying to destinations such as Vancouver, Toronto, Denver and Palm Springs in California. This also compliments the new 737-900ER which joins the 700 flying from Vancouver, to destinations such as Juneau, Quebec City and Halifax. 
The Nordic ERJ-195LR has taken over routes previously operated by the now retired 717. The longer range and ability of the ERJ, coupled with new Helsinki and Gothenburg hubs, allows Nordic to fly even further into Europe. 
Highland Connects new ATR can now be found flying out of the Scottish City of Glasgow, flying to London City Airport, Vágar, Exeter and Sumburgh (just to name a few).
Fly UK's hotly anticipated 787-X Dreamliner is now in scheduled long haul service, flying to destinations such as Doha, Johannesburg, Shanghai and San Francisco.

New routes are also available for Mainline operations:
  • Austin
  • Osaka
  • Addis Ababa
  • Santiago
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