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Daily "Stay at home" lockdown social events

UKV1790 - Adam Hart

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All members are welcome to join in our new daily social events. Come and escape the chaos of the real world with our social events!

Due to the unprecedented events currently ongoing in the real world, the Fly UK events team have been working hard to provide pilots currently under lock-down "stay at home" social events in order to ease the boredom and to distract from those real world events. These daily events will be entirely social meaning all pilots, regardless of skill or confidence on online networks, can join!

More information on these daily events can be found on our Events page. More information on how to set up our FSD network can be found here. Pilots should use our Teamspeak server to communicate with pilots. As these are a social event, it would be recommended for pilots to have this set up. Staff are on hand to help should any issues arise. 

On top of the current planned events, a selection of new events have been set up. A small summary of these events can be found below:

  • Saturday Afternoons: Social Event  - Fly UK FSD 
  • Monday Afternoons: Social Event - Fly UK FSD 
  • Tuesday/Friday Afternoons: Flying Club/GA Events - Fly UK FSD 
  • Wednesday Afternoons: Social Event - Fly UK FSD

Finally, please, stay safe and well. We hope to see you on one of the events!
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