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CEO Update

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Around this time last month, I messaged all members as we watched the real-world change around us. For some its was already happening and for others its was yet to come but a month on we all live in very different times and adjusting to the situation remains hard for some of us, myself included. 
At Fly UK though we have striven to maintain "business as normal" by giving our members a place to retreat away from all that is going on in their own worlds and fly virtually, enjoy the community support and give some sense of normality. What I’ve seen from this whole Fly UK community, your engagement has been simply unprecedented. I thank all our members and staff for their contributions to this community by joining the daily events, supporting members, contributing to our community discussions in the forums and Discord as well as simply logging in the hours and flights that Fly UK provides.  
New member numbers are up by 195% in the last month, in March month alone Fly UK saw a 60% increase in activity from the prior month and as it currently stands in mid-April if the current trend continues then we will see a 110% increase. We have seen Skytrack's live tracker showing more virtual flights in the air than real world major airlines at the same time and high level of hours logged has set a new norm. Previously our benchmark was 300+ hours on any given weekend day, we are now hitting that easily.....every day. Around a month ago we surpassed the 400 daily hours milestone for one day, this past Sunday we were 1.5 hours short of breaking 700. These recent statistics for Fly UK are simply staggering and as much as I’d love to celebrate them, I recognize there are far more pressing statistics in the world and we all wish normality to return as fast as possible.
From my personal perspective, being part of Fly UK during these trying times gives some personal reward and purpose, I hope the rest of the staff team as well as the wider member community can take great pride in the virtual space we have created for people to enjoy a safe place to invest time in their hobby and passion for aviation whilst the world adjusts. The statistics and positive comments I see from the members are one way to feel rewarded but I hope everyone is keeping safe and well as the priority, that is far more important. Until things start to return to normal, Fly UK will continue to support our members so keep up the flying. We are now onto summer schedules with lots of new possibilities with Fly2 switching soon, also come join the daily online events for some sim interaction with other members. 
Finally, despite the stats rising I want to ensure anybody who cannot sim during this time is not forgotten. If you are or have been affected by illness, please let the HR team know as we will be happy to grant leave for anyone unable to do fly. Equally, if you are one of the amazing key workers keeping essential services running and have little time to sim, let us know.
Stay safe everyone and thank you.
Best Wishes
UKV1685 Matt Lewis - CEO
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